By Paul Rakowicz | March 28, 2017

Today let’s continue our Agile series, this time focusing on the notion of risk management in projects. I’m sure we all recognize that managing risk is a big part of managing projects, but when we’re […]

If you’re ready to implement a traceability solution using RFID technology, then you’ve seen that between your existing system and the hardware and software you’ll need, there’s a lot that goes into designing a solution […]

Any modern business knows that they need to track assets and inventory to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and respond quickly in case of a recall. Vehicle manufacturers are no different. Whether they produce cars, forklifts, […]

By Paul Rakowicz | February 14, 2017

Today let’s continue our Agile series, as we promised when we left off in our last blog, by confirming that Agile isn’t just for software development anymore. Yes, today Agile goes far beyond its initial […]

If you work in law enforcement at the state and local levels, you know the challenges that your department faces: a tighter budget, but demands for equal or higher productivity.   It’s a difficult problem […]

Have you every purchased a coffee mug only to have the price tag label stick stubbornly to the bottom of the mug? Are you a retailer dealing with customers who swap price stickers on your […]