From picking, packing, and shipping to receiving, putaway, and replenishment, your distribution center operations are complex. Slim margins and fierce competition leave no room for error — and the race to improve never ends. Operational […]

By Rami El-Chafei, Vice President of Technical Services Imagine you have a manufacturing plant in Arizona, but your IT help desk team is based out of Chicago. When a mobile worker at the plant has […]

By Paul Rakowicz, Vice President of Software Development In our last blog we discussed what it means to think iteratively. Today let’s consider the application of iterative thinking to the first principle behind the Agile […]

Supply chains continue to grow in complexity, and in no place is that more obvious than in today’s warehouses and distribution centers. In order to meet consumer demands, warehouses now hold more product and have […]

Consumers’ confidence in the food they eat is eroding. In the last few years, FDA food recalls increased nearly 400%, largely thanks to salmonella and undeclared allergens1. Ghastly stories about contaminated foods causing illness and deaths across several […]

By Paul Rakowicz | September 8, 2016

By Paul Rakowicz, Vice President of Software Development Continuing with the Agile thread of my previous two posts, today let’s look at what it means to be “iterative” in your thinking.   First off, the […]