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By Lowry Solutions | April 28, 2014

RFID tag testing must be important if our partners at Impinj say it is.  In the E-book, How to Choose an RFID Solution Provider, STEP 5 is “Choose a Provider that Will Help Test Products”. […]

By Lowry Solutions | April 21, 2014

“So…do you have an RFID tag that will work”?  A question I received recently from a colleague who dropped in my office and briefly described an RFID application he was working on.  I forgot to […]

By Lowry Solutions | April 9, 2014

Today’s retail landscape is drastically different than it was a decade ago. Consumers demand and expect their products to be in stock, shipped on time, and traced throughout the shipping process. They’re concerned with time […]

By Lowry Solutions | April 1, 2014

Are you ready? The 12th Annual RFID Journal LIVE! Conference and Exhibition is right around the corner – April 8th through 10th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. As you probably already […]

By Jeff Polly | March 24, 2014

RFID and related technology streamline the planning, response and recovery phases of emergency management within the National Response Framework – at federal, regional, state and local levels. More specifically, implementing the technology can improve workflow […]

By Lowry Solutions | March 19, 2014

Over the past few years, businesses have rapidly adopted RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as an advanced method of data collection. But those still using barcode labels are not to worry – RFID tags aren’t […]

By Lowry Solutions | February 24, 2014

As global economy slowly mends itself from the recession, supply chain businesses are increasingly concerned with improving the efficiency of their operations in order to – going forward – remain financially stable through the good […]

By Lowry Solutions | August 9, 2013

Business WirePress Release: Intermec, Inc. – Wed, Aug 7, 2013 9:00 AM EDT EVERETT, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Intermec, Inc. (IN) today announced it has been chosen to provide the U.S. Army with Intermec’s industry-leading line of […]

By Lowry Solutions | June 22, 2013

Our healthcare solutions For the nation’s healthcare providers, cost control and accountability are more important than ever. Medical supplies and resources used in patient care must be accurately tracked and correctly billed. Medications, in particular, […]

By Lowry Solutions | May 21, 2013

Label Printing When it comes to meeting your customer’s bar code or RFID labeling mandate, Lowry knows that  ‘one-size-fits-all’ compliance solutions rarely do ‘fit.’ That’s why we’ve developed a range of affordable compliance labeling solutions to […]