Category: Tablets

By Rami El-Chafei | February 17, 2014

At any time of the day, the mobile workforce is everywhere — they’re making a delivery, on a house call for a technical repair, or giving medical care at the home of a housebound patient. […]

By Lowry Solutions | October 30, 2013

Tablets are a growing trend in the enterprise mobility space.  As we are closing out 2013, and getting ready to launch 2014, many organizations are looking at ways to improve their infrastructures.   One type of […]

By Lowry Solutions | September 12, 2013

Tablets in the Construction Industry A growing trend in the construction industry is implementing tablets to improve workflows and efficiencies. Although when most people think of tablets, they automatically refer back to commercialized products such […]

By Lowry Solutions | September 6, 2013

In the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of media surrounding many consumer tablet companies forgoing their original plans to produce Windows RT tablets, and focus on their android offerings.  Their reasoning […]

By Lowry Solutions | July 1, 2013

Most of us don’t have much trouble understanding the value of rugged mobile solutions in extreme environments — like mining or oil & gas. But many of us don’t immediately recognize the reasons for a […]