By Lowry Solutions | May 14, 2014 the last post in this series, I referenced Impinj’s E-book and their stance on the importance of RFID tag placement. Tag Placement–another challenge inherent to RFID tagging, and another revolving topic of conversation in Lowry’s offices. “Hey, where is the best place to put an RFID tag on a laptop?” Well, it depends… on a lot of things.

First, what make and model are we talking about? They are all a little different, as is the case with almost any asset you can think of.   IT assets come in many different configurations. Even models from the same manufacturer will have different physical characteristics. The location of power switches, air vents, connectors, controls and indicators is variable by manufacturer and by model. The physical construction of the IT asset is also variable; one model of server may be very RF friendly (plastic) while the model next to it may be mostly metal construction.

Oh, and if you want to know the real answer to “where is the best place to put an RFID tag on a laptop?” and many other IT assets, take a look at Lowry Solutions’ Guidelines: IT Asset Tagging Using RFID. It covers some of the considerations for RFID tag placement as well as some commonly used RFID tags designed specifically for IT Assets.

So that we don’t have to change the title of this post to “The Importance of RFID Tag Placement”, don’t forget about Guideline # 8: “TEST, TEST, TEST the tag’s readability when the IT asset is placed in operation.”


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