By Lowry Solutions | May 15, 2014

Returnable Container Tracking with RFIDDO YOU HAVE AN RFID TAG THAT WILL READ ON…?

We get this question all the time — from customers, members of our sales team, our systems engineers, and even our software development team. “Yes, probably…” is the usual answer.

Again, the intent is not to be deliberately vague, but if you want a real answer, we need more information. In reality, there is an RFID tag for just about every scenario out there today — it just takes some time to narrow down all of the options.

To help simplify the information gathering process — or DISCOVERY phase — of an RFID project, we developed a simple cheat sheet that takes into consideration 5 key factors for RFID Tag Selection. It’s called It R.E.A.D.S and when you can answer the 5 questions on the form, we are ready to start narrowing down your RFID tag and label options with the end goal being a tag that READS.

So, if you want to know if we have a tag that can be read outdoors, or even under six feet of snow, download this form and we can help you get started. Our whitepaper on returnable container tracking shows the durability and flexibility of our tags and labels.


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