By Lowry Solutions | April 21, 2014

THE IMPORTANCE OF RFID TAG TESTING“So…do you have an RFID tag that will work”?  A question I received recently from a colleague who dropped in my office and briefly described an RFID application he was working on.  I forgot to mention, he prefaced his question with a serious look on his face and this statement: “Ok now, I want a real answer”.  Apparently, he has grown weary of my typical answer, “Yes, definitely, there is probably a tag that may work.”  Ambiguous?  Well, yes, I guess it is.  That said, in my experience, it is the only correct answer.

The continued growth in RFID adoption for asset management, inventory control, work-in-process tracking, manufacturing process control and supply chain operations has led to a seemingly unlimited number of RFID inlay, label and tag options.  In spite of the numerous options available today, tagging items remains as one of the most significant challenges to implementing a successful RFID system.

Just so I don’t get a reputation as being difficult to work with, I will also share that I typically follow-up my answer with something like, “I can think of at least three possible options for you, but you will need to test them in the end user environment.”  Lucky for me, I work with some really smart guys that help with the testing part. 

To learn more about RFID Tag Selection, download Lowry Solutions’ whitepaper:  RFID Tag Selection:  5 Considerations for a Successful System Implementation. 




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