By Lowry Solutions | April 28, 2014 tag testing must be important if our partners at Impinj say it is.  In the E-book, How to Choose an RFID Solution Provider, STEP 5 is “Choose a Provider that Will Help Test Products”.  Here is an excerpt from page 8:

“Even if you have already chosen the products you want to work with, it is still very important to test their efficacy.   Some solution providers have facilities in which they can test the best options for your application, along with tags and readers from a variety of vendors, which is ideal for developing the best solution for you.  Often, solution providers help companies determine where to attach the RFID label to their products; tag placement can make a huge difference in the accuracy of your RFID system.”

While lab testing and manufacturer’s published specifications are a good start to help narrow down tag options and get a baseline on a tag’s read performance on specific items, there is no guarantee that a tag that performs perfectly in our lab will behave the same way in your facility.  Hence, there is no substitute for field testing in the actual environment(s) that a tag will live and travel.  READ MORE about RFID Tag Selection.

RFID Tag Placement will be covered next week in Part 3 of this series.


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