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Mobile Barcode Printers

Mobile barcode printers from Datamax-O’Neil provide the durability and reliability that your mobile workforce needs to complete their tasks efficiently and accurately. The microflash 2te is the ultimat in mobile printing solutions, offering both the smallest size in the industry, as well as a processor as fast as competitors with twice the printing speed. The MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II is a high-performing forklift printer that loads easily, and even prints in any orientation. For mobile applications in retail and healthcare, the Apex 2 and the OC3 are ideal, providing lightweight durability and long-term adaptability. The performance and durability of Datamax-O’Neil mobile printers makes them the perfect solution to keep your enterprise running at peak performance.

microFlash 2te

Datamax-O’Neil’s microFlash 2te mobile printer is a compact yet reliable device designed to increase efficiency in your mobile workforce. Because it is meant to be carried around, this barcode printer has an extremely durable construction so that the inevitable drops and falls of a mobile environment have no influence on productivity levels.

Measuring just two inches, the microFlash 2te is the industry’s smallest mobile printer. Size is no indicator of power, however, as this device contains a processor fast enough to rival competing printers that claim twice the printing speed. It can also store a variety of fonts and graphics, including international and Bitstream® bitmap fonts. Other features include:

  • Offers the industry’s only two-year standard warranty
  • LED lights specify Bluetooth®, charging, and power status
  • Compatible with wide range of handheld computers from leading manufacturers

microFlash 2te

The Datamax-O’Neil microFlash 2te fits seamlessly into a variety of mobile operations, including Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery, Field Service, Mobile POS, and even the Warehouse & Distribution industry. By increasing uptime and lowering the total cost of ownership, this compact barcode printer provides the ideal solution for a wide range of application requirements.

MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II

Datamax-O’Neil’s MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II barcode printer is the answer to your industrial printing needs. Compact and rugged, its metal construction and anti-vibration quick-mount locking plate keeps it solidly fastened in place against the daily shocks and wear and tear of use on a forklift or other warehouse vehicle. This powerful printer is a great way to optimize efficiency in industrial environments.

The design of these mobile printers does not compromise ease of media loading for extra durability. Loading labels into the MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II is as easy as it gets. Whether or not workers are wearing leather or latex gloves, they can one-handedly refill the labels—so they can focus on their daily tasks and not on their equipment. Other features include:

  • Prints in any orientation—printer can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or upside-down
  • DPL and Label Point software allows for easy integration into existing operations
  • Perfect for use on conveyors, forklift trucks, and mobile stations


The MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II is ideally suited for high-volume printing in harsh environments, including those associated with the industrial Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics industries. Rugged and reliable, this barcode printer is the perfect solution to optimize mobility and efficiency in a variety of enterprises.

Apex 2

Datamax-O’Neil’s Apex2 mobile receipt and barcode printer is designed to optimize efficiency for applications where durability and speed are non-negotiable. Affordable and powerful, its 32-bit processor can keep up with printers almost twice as costly. But even with a lower price tag, it gives you the same kind of flexibility that you expect in a mobile printer so that you never have to compromise on features or connectivity.

Compact and rugged, this mobile printer features a streamlined, ergonomic appearance for storefront applications. Its user-friendly design allows for drop-in media loading, and its light weight means that it can be worn all day. Plus, it has over-molded on the sides for increased durability against drops. Other features include:

  • IEC68-certified for operating and storage temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration
  • Li-Ion battery can print all day on just a single battery charge
  • Apex 2i option integrates with Apple® iOS devices for B2C and B2B applications


The Datamax-O’Neil Apex 2 performs exceptionally well in customer-facing applications, including Retail, Hospitality, and Field Sales & Service applications. Its size and functionality allow it to meet a wide variety of requirements across a range of industries and enterprises.

OC3 series

Datamax-O’Neil’s OC3 mobile receipt and barcode printer is designed to meet the needs of mobile applications in a variety of settings. Its compact, ergonomic construction is both durable and streamlined for customer-facing environments, such as retail or healthcare. It offers a range of features and options so that it can be used wherever and however you need to keep your enterprise running at peak performance.

This mobile printer easily adapts to changes in technology to provide continuous operations efficiencies even when your other hardware needs to be replaced. Many of the standard features on the OC3, which give it that technological flexibility, are only advanced options on many other mobile printers. These features include:

  • Large selection of security and encryption protocols that integrate with modern security requirements
  • Exclusive 32-bit processor provides fast printing speeds
  • Manages own power and goes into sleep mode to extend battery life

datamax oc3

Its compact and versatile design means that the Datamax-O’Neil OC3 is well-suited for the Retail, Healthcare, and Route Accounting & Warehouse industries. User-friendly and lightweight, it optimizes functionality and efficiency in the workplace.