Datamax O’neil
Industrial Barcode Printers

Exceptionally rugged and high-performing, Datamax-O’Neil industrial barcode printers are designed for heavy-duty, mission-critical applications where printer failure is not an option. One of the best mid-range industrial printers in the industry is the I-Class Mark II, which offers the fastest processor and the largest memory in its class. Datamax’s H-8308p is uniquely able to print wider labels, and is one of the best thermal printers to replace laser printers. And then there’s the Performance series, which combines innovation, durability, and quality to print on a variety of materials in any environment. Reliable, rugged, and competitively priced, Datamax-O’Neil industrial barcode printers will keep your enterprise running at peak performance.

I-Class Mark II

Datamax-O’Neil’s I-Class Mark II industrial barcode printer is one of the best mid-range printers in the industry. Its rugged design, versatility, and superior print quality lower the total cost of ownership while optimizing efficiency to keep your business running at peak performance.

This industrial barcode label printer features the fastest processor and the largest memory available in an industrial mid-range printer, so it will easily keep up with mission-critical applications. Overall, it performs 20% faster than the nearest competitor in its class, which means that you get at least that much more efficiency when you integrate this barcode printer into your operations. Other features include:

  • Largest selection of communication ports available in its class
  • Automatically adjusts to the best heat and speed setting for optimum printing quality
  • ECO IntelliSEAQTM printhead prints better and lasts longer because of resilient coating


The Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II barcode printer is the perfect solution for a variety of applications, including the Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and industrial Manufacturing industries. Its durability, reliability, and versatility provide the superior performance required to keep up with industrial operations and harsh environments.


Datamax-O’Neil’s H-8308p industrial barcode printer delivers high-quality performance in harsh environments. Rugged and user-friendly, its design specifically accommodates wider printing in order to be a suitable replacement for laser printers.

If you’re looking to transition from a laser printer to a thermal printer, the H-8308p is the one to choose. This HP-compatible printer features a LINUX operating system, Managed Print Service (MPS), and PCL print language for easy integration into your existing operations. It’s easy to begin enjoying the benefits of a thermal barcode printer with the Datamax-O’Neil H-8303p. Other features include:

  • Graphic color touchscreen is very user-friendly
  • Print speed is twice as fast as competitors in the same class
  • 300 dpi printhead provides higher resolution labels at 203 dpi price


Best Use Cases/Industries: The Datamax-O’Neil H-8308p label printer is a high-volume solution for an extensive range of applications, especially in the Transportation & Logistics, industrial Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals industries. Its durable construction and fast printing speed keep up with the needs of even the most unforgiving industrial environments.

Performance series

Datamax-O’Neil’s Performance series of industrial barcode printers is one of the most innovative thermal printer families on the market. It seamlessly integrates into existing operations and takes considerably less time and effort to load and use than virtually any other thermal printer. Rugged and reliable, this barcode label printer is designed to increase uptime and efficiency, no matter the environment.

Suited for a variety of uses and environments, the Datamax-O’Neil Performance series focuses on improving user experience. Its rugged metal design withstands even the harshest industrial environments, while its color touchscreen allows the user to quickly and easily perform print jobs to complete tasks. Media loading is simple and fast, thanks to the automatic loading and calibration features. Other features include:

  • PCL print language results in fast plug-and-play integration and setup
  • Prints on synthetics, tags, self-adhesives, and plastics
  • 300 dpi printhead provides higher resolution labels at 203 dpi price

Performance series

Best Use Cases/Industries: User-friendly and durable, the Datamax-O’Neil Performance series is the perfect solution for increasing uptime in a variety of industries, including Transportation & Logistics, industrial Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals. Workers will be able to count on this family of printers to perform accurately as they keep up with mission-critical operations.