Honeywell Mobile Computers
Industrial Cold Storage

The extreme temperatures of cold storage environments require more durability than a traditional rugged mobile computer. The weather-resistant technology of Honeywell’s cold storage handheld computer delivers the durability and ergonomic design your workers need to finish their tasks as efficiently and comfortably as possible. The Tecton Cold Storage Mobile Computer features advanced 1D and 2D imaging technology combined with built-in screen defrosters and special battery packs to boost device performance in extreme and changing temperatures. Rugged and well-equipped, this is the premier cold storage device to keep your enterprise running at peak performance.

Tecton Cold Storage Mobile Computer

Honeywell’s TectonTM Cold Storage Mobile Computer is designed specifically for use in harsh cold storage settings. Durable yet lightweight, it provides superior scanning capabilities both as a handheld computer or mounted on a warehouse vehicle. It is able to function in temperatures as low as -22⁰F, which means that your workers can finish their tasks regardless of environment.

This cold storage mobile computer features a rugged and ergonomic design for a user-friendly experience even in freezing temperatures. Internal heathers and screen defrosters ensure that workers can fully use the device in virtually any condition. Large, user-friendly keys allow workers to keep their gloves on during their shift, increasing user comfort and decreasing error rates. Other features include:

  • AdaptusTM Imaging Technology provides more accurate, responsive readings
  • Full wireless connectivity indoors and outdoors for real-time data access
  • Remote MasterMind® management software allows IT to manage remotely

TectonTM Cold Storage Mobile Computer

The Honeywell TectonTM Cold Storage Mobile Computer is the perfect solution for a variety of applications in the Warehouse & Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Its durable design and extreme temperature resistance ensure that it will perform reliably and powerfully in any industrial cold environment.