Honeywell Hazardous Location
Mobile Computers

When hazardous materials are present in the work environment, worker safety is not an option. Traditional handheld computers are not equipped to withstand exposure to dangerous substances—but Honeywell industrial hazardous location mobile computers are. The best devices are certified to be non-incendive or intrinsically safe so that they do not react to harmful materials. The DolphinTM 99EXni is a non-incendive mobile computer that meets the necessary requirements and certifications without compromising on performance. It provides advanced imaging technology and a user-friendly design to optimize worker efficiency and accuracy even in the most dangerous industrial work environments.

Honeywell’s DolphinTM 99EXni Mobile Computer is designed for use in industrial hazardous environments. It features UL certification to be non-incendive for safe use in locations where oils, chemicals, gas, and other dangerous materials are present.

This non-incendive mobile computer simplifies and speeds up tasks with its advanced imaging technology and user-friendly design. It easily reads linear and 2D barcodes, digital images, and electronic signatures, eliminating the need for multiple devices. Its large screen is viewable both indoors and outdoors so that environment, brightness, and weather don’t affect your workers’ productivity. Other features include:

  • UL-certified to be non-incendive
  • AdaptusTM Imaging Technology provides more accurate, responsive readings
  • Shift-PLUS Power Management delivers full-shift battery life so that no one has to carry spares

Dolphin 99EXni Mobile Computer

This rugged device can be used in any industrial environment where hazardous materials are present. Substances such as gas, oil, chemicals, biological materials, or utilities will not affect its performance or construction. Additionally, it features an IP67 rating and easily withstands several 6-foot drops and 2000 1-meter tumbles, resisting daily industrial wear and tear.