Vehicle Mount Computers

Honeywell vehicle mount computers are the ideal solution to maintain smoothness and efficiency when supply chains get interrupted. Their rugged design withstands the harsh environments of today’s warehouse, manufacturing, and transportation industries to keep operations running at peak performance. Featuring built-in ports and native support for a variety of input devices, applications, and connectivity options, Honeywell’s vehicle mount computers provide a user-friendly experience to increase flexibility in the workplace.

Lowry Solutions is the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions. Lowry’s knowledgeable team of experts will consult with you to assess your needs to provide the ideal vehicle mount computer solution. Lowry offers: forklift vehicle mount computers and vehicle mount mobile computers.

Forklift Vehicle Mount Computers

Honeywell’s vehicle mount computers are built with the durability required to withstand long-term use on forklifts and other rugged vehicles. These tough devices thrive in physically demanding warehouse environments, designed to resist damage to internal components from the vibrations and shocks of continued use on industrial vehicles.

Powerful and robust, each vehicle mount mobile computer will help optimize warehouse operations and drive workforce efficiency to keep the supply chain running at peak performance. Battery power comes from a direct connection to the vehicle’s power supply — so it remains online as long as it is in use, without the need to be recharged in the middle of a shift.

Their warehouse-compatible design features built-in support for a variety of input devices and connectivity options, providing your workers with flexible, intuitive devices that allow them to access critical data whenever and wherever.

Honeywell Thor Forklift Vehicle Mount Computer