Inventory and Asset Management Solutions

Lowry Solutions designs and implements inventory and asset management solutions for meeting a wide range of industry standards. For any industry, trust Lowry to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your processes for greater ROI.


Asset Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Lowry can help manufacturing and industrial enterprises do a better job of managing and tracking the lifecycle of mobile and fixed assets with strategic AIDC solutions. Combining barcode and RFID technology with flexible relational database software, Lowry Asset Control System (ACS) makes it easy to quickly locate any asset, reduce the time required for audits or inventories, and track the complete lifecycle of any asset from acquisition to disposal.

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Asset Management Solutions Streamline Warehouse/Distribution Operations

Lowry’s asset management solutions for warehouse/distribution works to streamline materials management, improve operations, and increase profitability by replacing error prone and time-consuming paper processes and manual handling with automated, real-time data capture and high speed communication.

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AIDC provides real-time data capture for transportation/logistics

Lowry Solutions designs AIDC solutions that automate the tracking of fleets and freight so you can be sure that every vehicle is taking the right shipment to the right place at the right time. Real-time data capture and reporting streamline inbound/outbound logistics, optimize stock levels for just-in-time/just-in-sequence manufacturing, reduces shipping errors, and lowers costs. Automated processes replace time-consuming paper handling to improve dispatch efficiency, promote yard productivity, track and manage assets and increase in-transit visibility.

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Real-time data capture AIDC retail solutions

Lowry Solutions delivers profit and productivity for retail businesses. Combining RFID and barcode tags and label printers, handheld, mobile, and stationary scanners, readers, and computers, and advanced relational database software, AIDC captures and tracks detailed item and asset information in real-time helping you optimize inventory turn, avoid out-of-stock situations, see what’s selling where, automate reordering, and provide more of what your customers want.

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Healthcare depends on asset management solutions

When it comes to the nation’s healthcare providers, cost control and accountability are more important than ever. That’s why it’s important to have a Lowry asset management solution in place for tracking medical supplies and resources used in patient care. Our healthcare solutions ensure the efficient, real-time tracking of everything from sophisticated and expensive medical systems to patients and the care they receive in real-time from admission through discharge.

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Asset management solutions keep the government on track

Asset management solutions keep the government on track. From conducting daily operations to optimizing homeland security to managing emergency response efforts, the mission of government depends on constant, reliable, and secure access to critical data. Lowry Solutions provides customized asset management solutions to ensure government operations run smoothly.

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