It doesn’t get more Mission-Critical than the U.S. Government

From conducting daily operations to assuring homeland security to managing emergency response, the mission of the U.S. Government depends on constant, reliable, and secure access to critical data. Lowry Solutions partners with leaders in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry under government contracts to provide all branches of the U.S. Government high-quality, dependable hardware, software, and service solutions that integrate RFID and barcode technology to meet mission-critical data requirements.


Government to Business Portal

As a trusted supplier to the U.S. Government, Lowry Solutions established an online portal to provide government personnel a secure, convenient purchasing option.

  • Satisfies U.S. government contract security standards and purchasing requirements
  • Check order status
  • Confirm order
  • Bill by corporate or plant
  • Purchase under government contracts by corporate or plant
  • Catalog with standardized products
  • RFID and barcode technology

Orders are received and processed by Lowry’s government sales representative. Please contact Lowry Solutions to discuss purchasing under the AIT-V and GSA Government Contracts.

Government Solutions

In 2015 Product Director, Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PD-AMIS) awarded Lowry the U.S. Army Automatic Identification Technologies V (AIT-V) Contract worth $181 million. Under the AIT-V Contract, the U.S. Army trusts Lowry to load and test mission critical, sensitive data for devices deployed to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Coast Guard (CG), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Coalition Partners, other Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and other Federal Agencies.

  • In 30 days, Lowry filled more than 6200 orders for the federal government
  • Certified by the Government Inspector for staging, provisioning, testing and kitting devices prior to shipping
  • Government Inspector visits Lowry’s headquarters

With Lowry’s Staging and Provisioning Services, all equipment can be provisioned, tested, repacked, and shipped to locations around the world.

  • Equipment from multiple vendors can be assembled, software loaded, and the entire system tested
  • Battery charging and required activation may be part of the device staging process
  • Prior to shipping, the system(s) can be inventoried, documented, and professionally packed


Lowry Solutions is the leading provider of RFID and barcode technology hardware, software, and service solutions. From asset and inventory management to barcode printers and RFID tags & labels to complete wireless networking, Lowry Solutions serves the U.S. Government with high-quality, dependable, and secure solutions for accessing mission-critical data. Contact Lowry Solutions to purchase under the AIT-V and GSA Government Contracts.