Barcode solutions improve freight management

Maintaining on-time and on-track freight management operations is essential for improving the accuracy and efficiency of asset utilization.

Lowry barcode solutions for transportation and logistics solutions automate the tracking of fleets and freight so you can be sure every vehicle is taking the right shipment to the right place at the right time.

Real-time data capture and reporting streamline inbound/outbound logistics, optimize stock levels for just-in-time/just-in-sequence manufacturing, reduce shipping errors, and lower costs. Automated processes replace time-consuming paper handling to improve dispatch efficiency, promote yard productivity, track and manage assets, and increase in-transit visibility.

Our comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions include pickup & delivery, cross dock logistics, fleet management, and field mobility solutions.


Transportation barcode solutions: make more deliveries and reduce cash-to-cash cycle times

Lowry barcode solutions for transportation are proven to speed delivery times, ensure proof of delivery, and provide easy access to manifest details.

Motorola Mobile Technology, combined with our partner applications, give drivers the ability to:

  • Scan packages to dynamically record their deliveries
  • Electronically capture signatures
  • Take photos for proof of delivery

Lowry’s barcode solutions allow dispatch to easily notify drivers about a new delivery destination and change in-route or emergency pickup. You’ll be able to make more deliveries and reduce cash-to-cash cycle times with real-time visibility into the delivery cycle.

Barcode and RFID for logistics management: speed operations and reduce labor costs

Minimize shipment handling, reduce errors and speed the process flow of goods with RFID and barcode solutions for logistics management solutions.

Motorola Mobile Technology, combined with our partner applications, enables you to electronically capture data in real-time, communicate it to your back-end systems, and use the information to track order information including shortages, discrepancies or damages. Our approach to logistics management allows you to speed operations and reduce labor costs using RFID technology—eliminating the need for workers to physically scan shipments.

With our logistics management you can instantly track shipment contents and direct drivers to the next best dock by installing cargo tags and using an RFID-enabled solution.


Transportation and logistics solutions: fleet management

By increasing the quality, speed, and accuracy of information that accompanies each package, pallet or container, companies utilizing barcoding and RFID can improve responsiveness and efficiency as well as cut operating costs, giving them an advantage dock-to-dock and dock-to-door.

Lowry transportation and logistics barcode solutions offer a variety of transportation and logistics solutions to meet unique needs:

  • Compliance – from CSA to electronic HOS logs
  • Fleet management – from reduced fuel costs to real-time visibility
  • Delivery management – from traceability reporting to “clean invoicing”
  • Operating efficiency – from mobile routes to end-of-day settlement

With off-the-shelf and customizable packages of hardware and software ready to be deployed by our expert team, barcoding can bring rapid results to the supply chain while providing expert support and service.

Transportation and logistics barcode solutions: field mobility

Field workers are one of the most important direct interactions your business has to your customers. How well and effectively they perform is crucial to a positive customer experience. Access to technical resources, customer data, stock availability and route scheduling can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity.

Rugged tablets allow mobile workers access to business critical data in real time so they can complete tasks including: mobile inspections, work orders, paperless forms/surveys, automated safety audits, maintenance, and repair capabilities.


With features such as a complete Windows® Operating system, outdoor viewable displays, in-vehicle docking solutions, and cellular and GPS capabilities, mobile workers can be connected virtually anywhere.

Lowry’s transportation and logistics solutions include integrated management software and handheld computers that allow you to fully mobilize your workforce for greater productivity. Eliminate the gap between the network of resources your business has in the office and your workers out in the field.

A Field Mobility barcode solution can help improve any application with the benefits of:

  • Accuracy – Eliminate errors in the field, have real-time access to data, service logs and manuals
  • Efficiency – Workers can do their jobs on-the-go, and provide a better customer experience
  • Productivity – Reduce man hours, and visit more customers per day
  • Optimization – Improve workforce management with visibility

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