Intermec by Honeywell
Desktop Printers

Intermec desktop barcode printers optimize light-duty labeling operations to keep your business on task and on time. The PC23d is an intuitive, compact printer that offers the top printing speed in its class. The PC42t provides your basic labeling requirements at an excellent price—perfect for any business transitioning to thermal transfer printing. Intermec’s PC43 series of label printers offers fast, dependable performance and quick integration to increase your overall productivity. A wide range of user-installable options are also available, making Intermec’s line of desktop printers a simple, reliable solution to meet your needs and keep your business running at peak performance.


Intermec’s PC23d desktop barcode printer is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to fit in any space. Its compact size and intuitive design makes it simple to operate in any location by any user. It prints labels at 8 ips—the fastest throughput in its class. And with ZSim2 emulation, it smoothly integrates into systems with competing equipment and products, making it easy to integrate into your existing operations.

This label printer is the perfect solution for businesses with light-duty labeling requirements. It prints all major 1D barcodes and most 2D barcodes, and does the job speedily and reliably to keep your operations running at peak performance. It can be refilled easily with just one hand, it keeping downtime to a minimum. Other features include:

  • Can be controlled and updated remotely
  • Can add keyboard or scale for higher efficiency
  • USB flash drive allows for fast configuration

The Intermec PC23d is ideally suited for light-duty applications in the Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries. It will help your business meet compliance labeling and tagging standards in both Retail and Manufacturing operations. It also facilitates patient and asset tracking, as well as point of care and laboratory and pharmacy labeling in Healthcare settings.


Intermec’s PC42t barcode printer is an economic choice with the easy setup and quality performance that you expect from the Intermec brand. Its compact and intuitive design is easy to install, refill, and maintain, reducing overall downtime and increasing efficiency in the workplace.

This desktop label printer offers fast print speeds and easy integration into your existing operations. It is designed with industry-standard connectivity to ensure smooth, seamless installation, including USB host and device interfaces, plus optional serial or Ethernet communications. It also supports ESim, ZSim, and Direct Protocol print languages, making it simple to upgrade from other printers to the PC42t. Other features include:

  • Choose between half-inch or 1-inch ribbon core configurations
  • 1-inch holds ribbon lengths up to 300 m—four times the length of competing printers
  • Prints all major 1D and 2D barcodes

The Intermec PC42t is an excellent choice for light-duty applications in small or medium businesses that want to increase their efficiency. The Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries will quickly benefit from this printer’s easy-to-use design, which makes the transition from inkjet or laser-based printing to thermal transfer printing very simple.


Intermec’s PC43 Series of barcode printers is both reliable and easy to use. Both printers in this series are four inches wide, so they will fit in virtually any workspace. They are easy to set up and maintain, and because they can be controlled remotely, your business experiences less downtime for software updates, and therefore, more efficiency overall.

This series of label printers has a print speed of 8 ips, which is the fastest throughput in this class of barcode printers. It features ZSim2, an emulation that allows these printers to integrate seamlessly into your existing operations—even if your system has different or competing brands of technology. The functionality and dependability of these printers makes them perfect for any light-duty labeling requirements. Other features include:

  • Can be refilled using just one hand
  • Can add keyboard or scale for higher efficiency
  • Choose between multi-language LCD or Icon-graphics user interface


The Intermec PC43 Series of barcode label printers is an ideal fit for the Warehouse & Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its fast print speed and reliability helps with compliance labeling and tagging, pickup and delivery, and various manufacturing and store operations to optimize your business’s productivity.