Intermec by Honeywell
Handheld Mobile Computers

Device durability and performance are essential to decreasing downtime and increasing worker productivity in harsh environments. Intermec handheld mobile computers simplify task execution without compromising on ruggedness. The CN51 Mobile Computer streamlines productivity with a color camera and radio capabilities for versatile, effective communication. The CK71 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer features the fastest and farthest imaging technology in the industry, but in a smaller, lighter design that will reduce worker effort and increase productivity. Intermec handheld computers are the perfect solution to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.

CN51 Mobile Computer

The Intermec CN51 Mobile Computer delivers the versatility and performance that your workforce needs to complete their tasks. Both durable and powerful, it features a large four-inch, multi-touch screen to enhance user experience for a higher level of efficiency.

This handheld computer is the premier device to ensure optimum worker productivity, regardless of environment. Its rugged construction is designed to withstand the elements, and its powerful 5-megapixel color camera features processing technology for simple, quick document and image capture. The digital files of these images can be saved to the device and easily transmitted back to the office. Other features include:

  • Survives several 5-foot (1.5 m) drops to concrete regardless of temperature
  • IP64-rated against rain and dust
  • Flexible NetworkTM Radio can operate on CDMA or UMTS wireless networks, and can quickly switch from one to another

The Intermec CN51 Mobile Computer is the perfect device for tasks in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its high-performance scanning capabilities and long battery life will optimize efficiency in a wide variety of applications—including those such as inventory and asset tracking, field service, and distribution center operations.

CK71 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

The Intermec CK71 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer delivers next-generation functionality in an ergonomic design that will help optimize your workers’ productivity. Durable yet lightweight, this handheld computer is built to withstand harsh environments and daily wear and tear. It even offers programs that show device health to maintain a low total cost of ownership.

Designed with versatility in mind, this handheld computer features a variety of snap-on accessories that are fast and easy to change, even on the field. This provides the flexibility that efficient workers need so that they can transition from task to task and meet a wide range of demands. With the fastest and farthest imaging technology in the industry, this device is a great way to ensure optimum productivity levels, regardless of application or environment. Other features include:

  • 31% smaller and lighter than leading competitors in the ultra-rugged class
  • Exclusive ScanNGo client streamlines and speeds up device staging
  • Integrated diagnostics and INcontrol services allow users to see device health

Built to survive and thrive in demanding environments, the Intermec CK71 Mobile Computer is an ideal fit for the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation and Logistics industries. Its superior durability and motion tolerance deliver outstanding performance for a wide variety of tasks to keep your business running at peak performance.