Intermec by Honeywell
Industrial Printers

Intermec industrial barcode printer solutions provide the durability, performance, and connectivity required to meet high-demand printing needs.  Printers like the high-performance PX4i are designed to deliver reliable, steady output in harsh environments to maintain speed and precision. Mid-range label printers, such as the PM23c, and light industrial printers, like the PD43 series, integrate easily into existing operations and offer a variety of cost-cutting, time-saving options. Commercial printers like the PD41 provide industry-leading design and a user-friendly interface that can be used almost anywhere by anyone. Additional capabilities like ZSim2 emulation and Smart printing ensure that Intermec industrial printers will save your business time and money, and keep it running at peak performance.

PM43 (Mid-Range)

PM43/PM43c mid-range industrial label printers are ready to perform. Reduce workforce training and support with the tamper-proof, 10-language, color touch-screen or universal-icon interface. The PM43/PM43c is a third-generation Intermec industrial printer designed to maximize your uptime. Count on the PM43/PM43c to deliver quick deployment, the fastest print speed in its class, and proven reliability.

This industrial label printer is easy to set up in your work environment, thanks to its multilingual web interface and comprehensive printer emulation. Featuring ZSim2, this barcode printer easily integrates into operations with printers from both Intermec and competing brands. Plus, it has a print speed of 12 ips—the fastest in its class. Other features include:

  • Precision Print for extremely accurate, consistent barcode printing
  • The only industrial printer with CCX and WiFi certifications and standard IPv6 implementation
  • Can connect and communicate with keyboards, scanners, and scales without using computer

The Intermec PM43’s are ideally suited for the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It has the speed, accuracy, and durability to keep up with mission-critical applications, even in compact spaces.

PD43 (Light Industrial)

Intermec’s PD43 series of desktop barcode printers combines affordability and compact size in a rugged design to meet a variety of light industrial applications. Not only does this label printer series withstand daily use in a harsher work environment, but it also provides the reliability and ease of use to optimize enterprise performance and reduce downtime.

This industrial label printer series features Smart Printing capabilities, so it can run apps on its own, without the need for a computer. Fewer devices results in fewer costs, less downtime, and increased efficiency. Plus, these printers are easy to set up in existing operations. The ZSim2 printer emulation allows them to integrate smoothly into environments with a variety of printer brands, from other Honeywell products to competing brands. Other features include:

  • Intuitive color display or icon interface for easy setup
  • Fast speeds to keep up with mission-critical applications
  • Printhead is easy to replace without tools

The Intermec PD43 series is ideal for use in the Warehouse & Distribution, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. The durable construction and reliable performance of these barcode printers meet requirements for operations such as compliance labeling and tagging, asset tracking, and food traceability in a variety of light industrial businesses.

PX4i (High-Performance)

Intermec’s PX4i high-performance barcode printer is designed to operate in harsh environments for high-output industries. Its rugged metal construction ensures its continual operation and throughput, while its easy integration allows for quick installation into your existing operations. Ultimately, these two features lead to less downtime and higher efficiency.

This industrial label printer provides the long-term reliability and performance necessary for high-output businesses. With a print speed of 406 dpi, it keeps up with the time constraints and heavy demand of round-the-clock industrial applications. It features Smart Printing technology, which provides stand-along printing capabilities and eliminates the need for computers—improving efficiency and cutting overall operational costs. Other features include:

  • Easily integrates with printer from Intermec or other brands
  • QuickMount printhead design makes printheads easy to replace
  • Prints up to 12 inches per second from first to last label


The Intermec PX4i is the perfect solution for the Warehouse & Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It has the durability and speed capabilities to keep up with mission-critical enterprises that require fast, accurate labeling to maintain peak performance.

PD41 (Commercial)

Intermec’s PD41 commercial barcode printer is designed to meet a variety of medium-duty requirements to optimize speed and performance in mission-critical applications. Easy to integrate and use, the PD41 is an excellent choice for enterprises in need of fast, simple solutions to keep them running at peak performance.

This label printer is easy to use, thanks to its one-button interface, reducing downtime in training users. Its Smart Printing capabilities allow it to run apps on its own, eliminating the need for a connected computer, which in turn cuts current and future costs and reduces downtime. This barcode printer also features multiple optional interfaces, including WPA2 for the best security in wireless connectivity. Other features include:

  • Available with CCX and WiFi certifications and standard IPv6 implementation
  • Integrates easily with printers from both Intermec and competing brands
  • Open design simplifies media and supplies loading


The Intermec PD41 is well-suited for use in most enterprises, including the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, Government, Healthcare, Field Service, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Because it is easy to use and can keep up with high demand, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications and requirements.