Intermec by Honeywell
Mobile Printers

Intermec mobile printer solutions offer the rugged durability and fast printing speeds that your mobile workforce needs to operate at peak performance. If your enterprise requires the most compact flexibility, rugged receipt and label printers like the PB22, the PB21, and the PR2 provide the reliability and remote management necessary to keep up with the unpredictability of mobile operations. The PW50 is designed for use with Intermec mobile computers for simple use in a variety of field service and delivery applications, regardless of weather. A full-page printer like the 6822 offers fast speed and a large flash memory for use in severe work situations, from the warehouse to the outdoors. Rugged and energy-efficient, Intermec mobile printers will optimize the speed and performance of your workforce even when harsh field conditions and environments do their best to slow it down.

PB21 & PB22 Series

Intermec’s PB21 and PB22 mobile barcode printer is designed for on-the-go printing requirements in a wide range of industries. As the fastest 2-inch mobile label printer in the industry, it delivers high performance to keep up with the demands of your enterprise while reducing downtime and overall costs.

This label printer has Smart Printing capabilities, allowing it to run apps on its own and eliminating the need for a separate computer. This reduces immediate and future costs and decreases downtime for user training. The printer can also print both labels and receipts, so operators can easily print whatever they need without having to switch devices—another feature to lessen downtime and increase productivity and efficiency. Other features include:

  • Intermec SmartSystems® software allows for remote management of the device
  • Variety of secure wired or wireless interfaces options to fit different environments
  • Integrates perfectly with other Intermec mobile devices

The Intermec PB22 is suited well for most industries, including the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, Healthcare, Government, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its rugged design and top speed make it an ideal solution for labeling and tagging requirements in virtually any environment.

PB21 Series

Intermec’s PB21 mobile barcode printer is ruggedly designed for demanding use in harsh environments, and can withstand multiple drops and tumbles to concrete. It has the fastest time-to-receipt and –invoice printing speed in its class, and more than twice the memory of comparable models to optimize on-the-go operations and enterprises.

This label printer has Smart Printing capabilities, so it can support apps that allow it to print on its own, without the need for a connected computer. This cuts costs and even reduces downtime, since training is simpler and there is one less device to maintain. Built-in sensors will alert users to notch, black mark, end-of-roll, and door open status so that workers are always aware and can plan ahead—another strategy that eliminates downtime. Other features include:

  • The largest battery capacity in its class
  • Ability to handle more complex graphics, such as logos
  • Intermec SmartSystems® software allows for remote management of the device


The Intermec PB21 is ideal for use in most industries, including the Healthcare, Government, Retail, Field Service, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its portability, performance, and ruggedness make it the perfect companion for on-the-go field service, route accounting, and point-of-sale requirements.

PR2 Series

Intermec’s PR2 mobile printer provides both speed and durability in its compact construction. Its ruggedness makes it perfect for any receipt- and invoice-printing applications for your mobile workforce, and its size makes it easy to transport on the included belt clip or the optional belt loop or shoulder strap.

This compact receipt printer is an excellent option to increase uptime and productivity in the workplace. It is easy to set up and use from the moment you take it out of the box, and it can be managed remotely—both of which save time and improve efficiency. The rugged design of this mobile printer ensures continued operation even after multiple drops to concrete from four feet, so it can easily withstand the daily wear and tear of an active workforce. Other features include:

  • Can refill media with one hand to save time and effort
  • Optional iOS and Bluetooth® connectivity to other mobile devices
  • Optional PCI-compatible card reader for mobile POS capabilities

The Intermec PR2 is ideally suited for the Retail, Government, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It is also an excellent choice for use in field service and maintenance applications, thanks to its portability, ruggedness, and ease of use.

PW50 Series

Intermec’s PW50 mobile printer is an ideal solution for mobile workforces in a variety of environments. Designed to be used with the Intermec CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e mobile computers, this printer easily adapts to on-the-go printing with the fastest speed in its class, several connectivity options, and maximized battery life.

This receipt printer has a variety of features to reduce downtime and increase productivity in a mobile workforce. Its integrated DEX communications mean that it can easily connect to your in-store computer system, and its Bluetooth® and serial connectivity options allow your workers to print in a variety of locations and environments, especially for delivery applications. Because both the vehicle mount and the 12-volt adapter have a single electrical connection, both the mobile printer and the mobile computer can charge at the same time. Other features include:

  • 4-cell Li-Ion battery can print 10% density text on two full rolls of receipts without being charged
  • Survives multiple 4-foot drops to concrete
  • 64 MB of on-board Flash memory allow you to store full Unicode font


The Intermec PW50 is the perfect solution for the Manufacturing, Government, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Because of its mobile capabilities, it also performs well for maintenance and field services purposes so that your workforce can complete tasks easily and quickly on the go.

6822 Series

Intermec’s 6822 mobile printer provides your workforce with two mobility options, depending on the requirements of your existing operations. With either a portable or fixed-mount configuration available to choose from, it offers the same excellent Intermec quality that you’ve come to expect by producing superior customer invoices, receipts, transfers, load reports, and other documents necessary for mobile applications.

This receipt printer has several features that offer the flexibility your workforce needs, no matter which configuration you choose. It has a two-page-per-minute print speed to optimize mobile operations and requirements. It is easy to refill from either an internal or external paper tray, increasing uptime and efficiency, and it even holds up to 3-ply paper. Other features include:

  • 512k flash memory to store DBCS fonts like Chinese and Korean
  • Optional Bluetooth® holder for wireless printing on both mobile and fixed-mount configurations
  • Quick-release feature to easily move fixed-mount design from one vehicle or location to another


The Intermec 6822 is ideal for a variety of purposes, including use in the Government, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. In addition, its flexibility options and print speed make it an excellent choice for delivery, field service, fleet management, and maintenance applications.