Intermec by Honeywell
Pocket Scanners

Intermec’s pocket barcode scanners are a compact and efficient way to complete tasks without bulky devices. As portable scanners, they feature the durability necessary to withstand drops and tumbles, reducing downtime due to repair. The SF61B Rugged 1D/2D Pocket Scanner is an excellent example of Intermec quality in a compact device. Versatile yet rugged for use in most industries, it features a breakthrough quick-disconnect system for easy storage, and is equipped with the scanning power of a full-size device. For the extremely agile worker, there is no better device than an Intermec pocket barcode scanner.

SF61B Rugged 1D/2D Pocket Scanner

Intermec’s SF61B Rugged 1D/2D Pocket Scanner is the ideal portable scanning solution for a variety of applications in industrial environments. Its compact size is perfect to fit in pockets or palms, and its powerful scanning capabilities match those of full-size scanners to ensure optimum efficiency in your mobile workforce.

Compact yet powerful, this pocket barcode scanner features VESTA, Intermec’s patented scanning algorithm, which gives it the same level of performance as a full-size scanner. Its field-replaceable battery allows workers to perform over 20,000 scans on a full charge, which complements its industry-leading omnidirectional 2D imaging technology. Other features include:

  • Groundbreaking magnetic quick-disconnect system for easy storage and access
  • Survives 26 drops to concrete from 6.5 feet (2 m)
  • IP65-rated against liquid and dust

This pocket barcode scanner is well-suited for use in a wide range of applications in the Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Government, Warehouse & Distribution, and Retail industries. Its extremely durable construction, powerful imaging technology, and wireless communication capabilities increase employee agility and productivity for a highly efficient workforce.