Mobile Computing

As the business world evolves, it’s become increasingly important to equip workers with the right enterprise mobility computer products and tools to ensure they are as productive in the field as they are in the office. Using mobile computing products that are technologically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments ensures that your workforce can access critical data whenever and wherever they are.Not only will enterprise mobile computing technology help you gain efficiency in your warehouse enterprise, but it will also provide business benefits throughout the scope of your operations.

Lowry Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise mobility computer products to keep your business running at peak performance. Lowry’s array of mobile computing products address the needs of both your mobile workforce and on-site secure wireless network needs to keep your organization connected.

We offer a complete line of enterprise mobile computing solutions, including:mobile computers, vehicle-mount computers, rugged tablets, andwireless networking. ContactLowry Solutions team of experts to discuss your needs and find the right mobility solution for your enterprise.

Mobile Computers

To maintain productivity, your mobile workforce needs immediate access to critical data. Mobile computers or portable data terminals provide workers the convenience of on-site data retrieval so they can keep moving through their tasks. Portable data terminals are devices used to collect data, both manually entered and/or captured by scanning barcodes or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

Lowry provides a wide range of mobile computer solutions equipped to perform in any environment. From indoor offices and plant floors to harsh outdoor weather conditions, Lowry has a mobile computer that will perform to expectations to meet your application requirements.
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Vehicle Mount Computers

Lowry Solutions carries a full line of vehicle mount computers ideal for the demands of mobile warehouse and inventory-control applications common to material handling equipment and industrial vehicles such as forklifts and hostlers. Rugged design makes these computers perfect for fixed mount applications such as cross docking, manufacturing workstations, shop floor, and other warehouse and distribution environments.
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Rugged Tablets

Many businesses are incorporating tablet technology into daily operations as a mobile alternative to the standard desktop computer. Lowry offers both Windows and Android tablet technology equipped with the latest features to ensure outstanding efficiency and accuracy in day-to-day task management.

A majority of Windows and Android tablet-based solutions are utilized to improve an organization’s efficiency so they can accomplish more in less time. Lowry’s tablet-based solutions include: payment programs, tablet-based form solutions, real-time inventory, line busting, and patient care.

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Wireless Networking

Our goal is provide the best connectivity solution for your specific enterprise needs. That means having the agility and expertise to identify which wireless network products will provide the greatest reliability, security, and performance.

We offer the most contemporary wireless network solutions available. Our wireless network solutions are designed to meet current needs, and to be scalable for future requirements.