Barcode Printer Products

Lowry Solutions has been solving barcode application challenges with high quality, rugged, industrial class barcode printer products since 1974. With a large selection of industrial barcode printers, desktop barcode printers, mobile barcode printers and automated print-and-apply barcode printers, Lowry has the correct solution to provide better business value and keep operations running smoothly. RFID options are available where RFID encoding of tags are required.

From commercial sales to manufacturing and industrial use, today’s business relies heavily on barcode label printing for mission-critical business operations. Lowry will assist in choosing the correct barcode printer for your business:

  1. How will the label be used? Labels that need to be permanent or semi-permanent or exposed to heat or the elements need to be of the thermal transfer type. Labels that are only needed temporarily or are used in a well-controlled environment can be direct thermal.
  2. What is the work environment? Printing applications can range from climate controlled office settings, mobile delivery vehicles, light manufacturing as well as heavy industrial factory settings. The harsher the environment, the more robust the printer should be.
  3. What volume of labels will be printed? For low volume printing in an office, a desktop printer may be sufficient. For higher volumes and medium industrial duty a mid-range printer is in order. A heavy duty rugged printer is called for when there is high volume or heavy industrial printing to be done. Finally, for low volume mobile applications there are Bluetooth mobile printers that can be worn on a belt clip, shoulder strap or docked in a vehicle.

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One-stop resource for industrial, desktop, mobile and print-and-apply barcode printers

Lowry’s extensive portfolio of barcode printer systems is equipped to satisfy your specific printing application.

Intermec PCM43 Industrial Barcode PrinterIndustrial Barcode Printers

Mission-critical applications

For mission-critical industrial applications, Lowry Solutions’ industrial barcode printers produce high-quality barcode, text and graphics labels. These printers are designed to function in any industrial environment, 24/7. Lowry industrial barcode printers increase process efficiency and accuracy. Industrial barcode label printer systems boost productivity in any environment.

Zebra zd500 Desktop Barcode PrinterDesktop Barcode Printers

Limited space, outstanding performance

Lowry Solutions’ desktop barcode label printers provide reliable direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing options for applications where space is limited. Offering outstanding usability and connectivity options, Lowry desktop barcode printers are ideal for low- to mid-volume label, receipt or wristband printing applications. Meet your labeling needs with these compact, feature-rich barcode printer systems.

Zebra iMZ22 Mobile Barcode PrinterMobile Barcode Printers

Increase productivity, efficiencies–anywhere

With a Lowry mobile barcode label printer you’ll be empowered to print barcode labels, receipts or tickets in any environment and condition. A mobile barcode label printer for on-site and on-demand printing will increase your mobile workers’ productivity and accuracy. Adding a mobile barcode printer system will increase productivity and improve efficiencies for better business value—anywhere.

Automated Print-and-Apply Barcode Label ApplicatorAutomated Print-and-Apply Barcode Printers

Get the competitive edge

Lowry Solutions’ automated print-and-apply barcode label printer systems provide integrated automatic barcode printer applicators into packaging, manufacturing and supply chain systems. Automatic print-and-apply barcode printers help gain a competitive advantage by increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

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