Barcode Scanners

The complete line of Intermec handheld barcode scanners have been designed to meet the scanning needs of nearly every environment. Build at the intersection of performance and value, Intermec hasthe right barcode scanner for any application, including General Duty Scanners, Healthcare Scanners, Pocket Scanners, and Rugged Scanners.

Lowry Solutions is the leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions that integrate RFID and barcode technology. Our team of experts consult and collaborate with customers to determine the ideal scanner for every application.

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General Duty Barcode Scanners

Intermec general duty barcode scanners are a solid choice for your small to medium size business. Designed to make the checkout scanning process quick and efficient; they are ideal for use in libraries, offices, light manufacturing, or any retail point-of-sale environment. These handheld barcode scanners feature industry-leading barcode reading technology with superior motion tolerance to provide highly responsive and accurate scanning. Whether you need a 1D or 2D barcode scanner for your tool crib, checkout counter, or supply room to manage inventory; Lowry Solutions will help you find the right product.

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Intermec SR31 general duty barcode scanner

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Intermec healthcare barcode scanners make it easy for those in the medical field to comply with data collection policies that promote patient safety. These versatile handheld scanners were developed to meet current and future healthcare scanning requirements.

Available in pocket-sized, wireless, and tethered versions, Intermec barcode scanners for healthcare are:

  • Fast – Available with the industry’s fastest 2D imaging technology for highly responsive, dependable scanning. Fast, hassle-free scanning means you can improve your workers scanning compliance rates
  • Durable – Units can withstand a six-foot drop to concrete and are rated IP53 against water and dust. Intermec sets a new standard of excellence in ruggedness for healthcare scanners
  • Easy to use – Simple to install, with a plug-and-play universal cabling system, and compatible with leading healthcare information management systems

Lowry Solutions is a leading provider of barcode technology that is scalable to meet the ever changing compliance requirements in healthcare.

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Pocket Barcode Scanners

Intermec pocket barcode scanners provide the high-performance portable scanning that mobile workers depend on. Their comfortable form factor that fits easily in the hand and ability to clip to a belt means workers can accomplish their data collection tasks on the move with greater efficiency.

Intermec portable pocket scanners are rugged, small, and mighty! Their safety, agility, and ruggedness, along with a standard three-year warranty, combine to offer a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the device.

Intermec offers everything you need and want in a pocket barcode scanner:

  • Integrates with existing data capture workflows
  • Bluetooth capability — easily pairs with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets
  • Designed to be quickly accessed or securely stowed away as needed
  • Delivers incredible scan speed at any angle with the same high performance as full-size handheld scanners
  • Features VESTA, a patented scanning algorithm, to increase read range when scanning the most common 1D codes
  • Carries an IP65 rating against liquid and solid particles, making it dust-tight and capable of withstanding direct water spray-downs

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Rugged Scanners

Intermec rugged barcode scanners maximize user productivity for point-of-service applications including light industrial, retail, and healthcare. These hardy devices are designed to withstand harsh work environments, such as temperature variances, drops, dust, and weather, to minimize process interruptions and maximize profitability.

Intermec barcode scanners feature a solid-state design and high-impact housing that is virtually impenetrable. These rugged scanners exceed even the highest industrial and military standards, performing well in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants and operational up-time is critical.

Intermec SR61T rugged barcode scanner

Simplify Traceability with Intermec barcode scanners from Lowry Solutions

You can count on Intermec barcode scanners to deliver:

  • Industry-leading tethered and cordless Intermec scan technology in 1D linear imaging, 2D area imaging and laser scanner configurations
  • The ability to read poor-quality codes to help avoid error-prone manual data input routines
  • VESTA, Intermec’s patented scanning algorithm, increasing your EAN/UPC and Code 39 read range by an average of 60 percent (compared to previous-generation SR30 scanners)
  • Ability to reliably read codes from smartphone, tablet, and computer displays
  • built to withstand 26 drops to concrete or steel from 6.5 feet, hot and cold temperature extremes, constant forklift vibration and windblown dust and rain
  • Multiple scanning configurations, including tethered or wireless connectivity, allowing you to tailor these devices to your environment

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