Mobile computers unlock the capabilities of your mobile workforce

To maintain productivity your mobile workforce needs access to critical data — fast. Mobile computers or portable data terminals provide workers the convenience of on-site data retrieval so they can keep moving through their tasks. Portable data terminals are devices used to collect data, both manually entered and/or captured by scanning barcodes or RFID tags.

Lowry provides a wide range of mobile computer solutions equipped to perform in any environment. From indoor offices and plant floors to harsh outdoor weather conditions, Lowry has a mobile computer that will perform to expectations to meet your application requirements.

Determining your mobile computer needs

Lowry’s team of experts evaluate specific attributes of each application to choose the correct mobile computer. For example, Lowry considers form factor, data collection requirements, operating system, keyboard layout, type of scan engine, and data communication requirements.

Lowry Solutions offers a wide selection of mobile computers that will free your workforce of manual paperwork, increase productivity and allow your mobile workforce access to the information they need — where and when they need it. Contact your Lowry Solutions sales representative to discuss mobile computer solutions for your organization.