Zebra Technologies
Mobile Computer Solutions

Zebra Technologies Partner Lowry SolutionsWhen it comes to enterprise mobility, Zebra mobile computers offer solutions that are the industry’s gold standard. Lowry Solutions is proud to be a Zebra Partner and provide these products which are the long recognized leader and best-selling mobile computer for demanding environments.

Zebra mobile computer solutions provide an optimal mix of features, rugged design, and support for the most demanding business applications. They enable workers in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and government to complete more tasks more accurately in less time, improving productivity and customer care.

Lowry Solutions offers Zebra mobile computers that can meet any application requirement, in any environment.


Affordable Mobile Computers that get the Job Done

The comprehensive capabilities of Zebra mobile computers provide workers outstanding versatility in what they can accomplish. For example, they can scan barcodes, take pictures, view videos, access business applications, connect to the Internet and email, and make and receive private and push-to-talk voice calls.

Zebra mobile computers provide a new level of affordability to business operations, offering the right mix of enterprise-class features and enterprise-class rugged design in a compact device that fits in your budget.


Zebra mobile computers provide:

  • Rugged design — including a durable touchscreen, ultra-strong scanner exit window, and the highest endurance specifications in its class
  • Government-grade security to protect your data and productivity, without impacting performance
  • Interactive Sensor Technology provides the brainpower to preserve battery power
  • 11n bandwidth and a new antenna that helps create highly efficient wireless connections
  • Industry-leading data capture technology for instant capture of virtually any barcode
  • Two laser options deliver first-time, every-time 1D bar code capture, even if barcodes are scratched, dirty, or poorly printed
  • Five imager options that use Zebra’s revolutionary imaging technology bring stunning laser-like performance to both 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Zebra mobile computers are easy to hold and easy to use with a “right-sized” easy-to-read display
  • Integrated GPS to automatically capture a geostamp when a barcode is scanned, providing proof of location and the time that location was visited
  • Integrated 3.2 MP color camera with user-controllable flash allows workers to take photos and videos in just about any lighting condition to capture proof of condition and proof that maintenance was performed

Packed with the latest in technology, Zebra’s powerful platform offers the most current mobile operating system for the enterprise, as well as the fastest processor and largest memory footprint in this device class.

Contact Lowry Solutions team of experts to learn how Zebra mobile computers can optimize your business for greater efficiency, productivity, and ROI.