Print and apply automated labeling systems

Lowry Solutions is at the forefront of integrating next generation monitoring/control and RFID technology into its automated labeling systems.

Automatic labeling is essential in a variety of industries to maximize productivity. Lowry provides print and apply systems for packaging, manufacturing, and supply chain applications. The modular design of the systems enable easy assembly, maintenance, and future upgrades.

Lowry offers a variety of print and apply applicators including: corner wrap, air assisted roll-on, and dual action tamp.

Corner wrap print and apply application

Corner Wrap print and apply label applications are great for labeling outer cases and pallets. Whether you need leading panel and adjacent side panel labeling or a side panel/trailing panel label, Lowry has a solution to meet your needs. This highly accurate applicator operates as follows:

  • As your case or pallet travels on a conveyor, a product-detect sensor “sees” the product
  • Once a product is detected, a label is dispensed to a 90 degree vacuum grid where it waits for the oncoming product to make contact
  • The product runs into the applicator applying the label to the front edge
  • As the product continues to move, the applicator rolls around the corner adhering the remaining label to the side of the product
  • A secondary roller system rolls over the entire label to ensure a complete application

Air assisted roll-on print and apply module

If you need the flexibility of a wipe application along with the accuracy of a tamp applicator, our Air assisted roll-on print and apply module is designed for you. The air assisted roll-on allows users to apply long, narrow labels like those used on reams of paper or many types of soft goods. This application provides consistent label placement and can accommodate flat and slightly irregular products.

  • A label is dispensed onto a vacuum grid with a hinge or breakpoint
  • The product is detected
  • The air cylinder engages causing the hinge point to move forward
  • The application roller presses leading edge of the label against the substrate
  • As the substrate continues past the applicator, the rest of the label is rolled onto the substrate
  • The air cylinder retracts and the next label is dispensed onto the pad

Dual action tamp print and apply applicator

The dual action tamp (DAT) module is designed to allow for greater flexibility in labeling your cases and pallets. It can be configured for a single side, leading/trailing or both side and adjacent leading/trailing panel labeling. The DAT module accommodates a wide range of label sizes.

This print and apply applicator module has both a swing tamp and a separate straight tamp actuator and operates as follows:

  • The operator selects a single side panel, a single leading/trailing panel, or two panel operation
  • A label is dispensed onto the applicator pad
  • The product is detected
  • If selected, the leading panel actuator engages causing the pad to move into the path of the moving product
  • The pad presses the entire label against the product
  • The actuator retracts allowing the substrate to continue past the applicator head
  • A duplicate label is dispensed onto the pad

Lowry Solutions is your total solution provider for print and apply label applications. Contact your Lowry sales representative to discuss print and apply options.