Scalable RFID Products for enterprise visibility solutions

Lowry Solutions offers fully scalable RFID enterprise visibility solutions and services using the most reliable, high-tech RFID products. Our product and industry experts provide guidance and technical services turning asset location into real business value. We offer a wide range of RFID products including RFID Readers, RFID Mobile Computers, RFID Printers, and RFID Tags and Labels.

RFID Readers

Fixed and portable RFID readers provide instant visibility into operations and reduce costs


fixed rfid readerFixed RFID readers

Lowry’s fixed RFID readers are rugged, easy to configure, and designed to provide maximum control of peripheral devices and sensors for industry-leading RFID supply chain management. Designed to satisfy the highest industry and deployment standards, our fixed RFID readers help you achieve maximum asset visibility—whether you’re reading pallets moving through portals or reading cartons on high-speed conveyor belts. Lowry’s fixed RFID readers automatically identify, track, and store inventory allowing you to maintain control of your operations.

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Portable RFID readers and mobile computers

IT Asset Tracking is a popular use for portable RFID readers. You can take a Lowry handheld RFID reader right to the point of work – from the shop floor to indoor customer-facing environments, for ultimate visibility into your enterprise assets. Portable RFID readers are designed for applications when it is more practical to bring the device to the tagged assets rather than moving the assets past a fixed RFID reader. Our portable RFID readers are perfect for use in the field for asset tracking and field service applications. Portable RFID readers provide your mobile workforce an effective, reliable tool for identifying, tracking, and storing inventory.

Lowry offers an extensive portfolio of flexible, multi-function RFID mobile computers. These multi-modal devices support 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional barcode scanning, RFID, and imaging.

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With a Lowry RFID printer you can simultaneously print, encode, and verify RFID labels. Our printers integrate seamlessly into any application, ensuring all items are labeled and tracked via RFID for fast and efficient data collection. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, our RFID printers offer outstanding versatility to meet diverse business and environmental needs. Lowry offers a wide range of RFID printers from mobile to high-output solutions, performance-matched to your application requirements.

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rfid tagRFID tags and labels

Lowry offers one of the most complete portfolios of ultra-high frequency RFID tags and labels available. We provide the precise RFID tag or label for every RFID application by choosing the correct mix of media, RFID tag technology, printer/encoders, and readers to meet environmental, business, and performance requirements.

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Contact your Lowry sales representative to find out how our RFID products and services can provide a fully scalable RFID enterprise visibility solution to fit your specific needs.