Custom RFID Reader Solutions

Lowry will design and implement an RFID enterprise visibility solution that can locate and manage assets and people in multiple environments. With a custom RFID reader, you no longer have to rely on line of sight to efficiently and accurately read multiple tags simultaneously. By delivering rules-based alalerting and reporting functions in a scalable, enterprise-proven software platform, Lowry’s RFID reader solutions deliver real business value. Lowry offers handheld and fixed RFID reader systems.

Lowry’s value-added service

Lowry performs a complete site assessment and business requirement documentation to determine the appropriate RFID reader for each unique application. With this value-added service, you can be confident that your RFID reader system is the perfect fit for increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in your business environment.

Fixed and handheld RFID reader systems

Fixed and handheld RFID reader systems maximize visibility into your enterprise assets. Lowry Solutions is a trained and authorized reseller of the leading manufacturers of RFID readers. Through key partnerships Lowry delivers RFID reader solutions that meet the performance and reliability standards necessary to realize the full benefit and value that a RFID system can provide.


Handheld RFID reader systems

Mobile handheld RFID reader systems provide outstanding opportunities for ROI because they are used more often by more workers. Handheld RFID readers function as on-site resources for mobile workers—whether they’re on the shop floor, in a retail environment or a receiving dock, allowing them to take the technology to the point-of-work.

With a handheld RFID reader at their disposal mobile workers can efficiently track assets and manage inventory accurately.

Fixed RFID reader systems

Our fixed RFID reader systems are rugged, easy to configure and proven to control peripheral devices and sensors for effective, accurate RFID supply chain asset management. These readers are ideal for warehouse management, asset tracking and theft prevention applications. Lowry’s team of experts will choose the precise fixed RFID reader to meet your specific application requirements.


Lowry’s team of experts will identify the right RFID reader to satisfy your specific application requirements. Contact your Lowry sales representative today to learn more about RFID reader solutions that can optimize your organization’s productivity through increased efficiency and accuracy.