RFID tags and labels provide real-time identification and tracking

Narrowing down the options to the best performing tag can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but still one of the most crucial steps in deploying an RFID system. When you trust the RFID tag experts at Lowry you can expect the precise fit for your specific application.

Lowry Solutions is positioned at the forefront of RFID tags and labels technology with nearly 20 years’ experience in the label conversion process and investment in the best technology for manufacturing high quality RFID tags & labels in a variety of stock and custom configurations.

Lowry considers five factors when selecting the appropriate tag for a successful system deployment:

  • Read range
  • Environment
  • Application
  • Data requirements
  • Size

Download our exclusive eBook, RFID Tag Selection 5 Considerations for a Successful System Implementation to learn how Lowry facilitated Dow Corning Corporation in selecting the correct tags for their application within budget. Then contact your Lowry sales representative to discuss options that will fit your specific application requirements.

Successful RFID implementations require the right mix of media, RFID tag technology, printer/encoders, and readers in order to address the specific needs of the user, application, and environment. With one of the most complete portfolios of ultra-high frequency RFID labels & tags available, we are able to ensure the right RFID tags or RFID labels for your application.

In spite of the numerous RFID tag and smart label options available today, tagging items is one of the most significant challenges to implementing a successful RFID system.


Lowry can provide the following RFID tags and labels:

  • Pre-encoded/RFID Tags & Labels
  • High-Temp RFID Labels & Tags
  • On-Metal RFID Labels & Tags
  • Durable RFID Labels & Tags
  • Asset Tracking Labels & Tags
  • Windshield RFID Tags & Labels
  • Long Read Range RFID Labels and Tags

Partnering with a knowledgeable systems integrator like Lowry that has access to all of the latest RFID tags, and RFID label converter can cut down the amount of time and testing required and, in turn, provide faster ROI. Contact your RFID specialists at Lowry to discuss RFID tag and label solutions that will best fit your application requirements.