Rugged Tablets are the high-efficiency alternative to legacy desktops

Many businesses are incorporating tablet technology into daily operations as a mobile alternative to the standard desktop computer. Lowry offers both Windows tablet and Android tablet technology equipped with the latest features to ensure outstanding efficiency and accuracy in day-to-day task management.

Benefits of Windows tablet and Android tablet technology:

  • Real-time access to time sensitive data
  • Increased productivity
  • Replace laptop or desktop computer
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase work completed and profits
  • Provide greater ROI


Rugged tablets improve efficiencies

A majority of Windows tablet and Android tablet-based solutions are utilized to improve an organization’s efficiencies so they can accomplish more in less time. Lowry’s tablet-based solutions include: payment programs, tablet-based form solutions, real-time inventory, line busting, and patient care.

Rugged tablet aesthetics

Unlike a legacy mobile computer, rugged tablets provide users with a larger screen size and user-friendly touch screen capabilities. Organizations are able to accomplish more using a 7-10” screen versus one that is less than 5”.

Benefits of screen size:

  • Larger view
  • Increase productivity
  • Less errors in typing

Lowry Solutions is pleased to offer an extensive portfolio of Windows tablet computers as an alternative to legacy mobile and desktop computers. Lowry tablet computer solutions serve to increase efficiencies and productivity for any business.


High-performing rugged tablet solutions withstand harsh environments, on-site wear-and-tear

The widespread use of tablets in the consumer market has made a noticeable crossover into the business world. Unlike the consumer market, a large percentage of data collection applications require rugged, more durable tablets to withstand diverse environments and user conditions. Lowry Solutions provides an extensive portfolio of rugged tablets designed to meet these challenges.

Rugged tablets tested to high IP rating standards

Lowry Solutions uses the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating standard, a common standard use by tablet computer manufacturers for describing the level of protection that an electronic device has from solid objects, such as dust, and liquids, such as water.


All Lowry rugged tablets have an IP rating of 52 or higher:

  • When the first number of an IP Rating is 4-6 the rugged tablet is resistant to solid items and suitable for use in environments that are otherwise harmful for technology. This includes environments such as manufacturing facilities, warzones and mining
  • When the second number of an IP Rating is 4-8 the rugged tablet is resistant to liquids and suitable for use in environments such as manufacturing facilities, facilities near water, outdoor facilities, warzones, healthcare, mobile work environments and mining
  • When the second number is 2-4, the tablet is slightly resistant to liquids, making it suitable to be used in rugged environments

When you purchase a rugged tablet from Lowry you know you’re getting a machine you can trust to perform in harsh environments and rugged work conditions.

Rugged tablet: the drop/shock test

Often times in rugged working environments equipment is dropped at high levels—even onto concrete floors. At Lowry, each rugged tablet has passed the MIL-STD-810G METHOD 516.6 drop/shock test confirming it can be dropped 4-10 feet onto a concrete floor and still be fully operational. Knowing that the tablet can withstand this type of drop is a true test of its durability.

Passing the MIL-STD-810G METHOD 516.6 drop/shock test:

  • Tablet screen must stay intact, so it is constructed from gorilla glass
  • Must withstand any level of shock encountered
  • Must withstand a 4-10-foot drop onto concrete and still be operational

Lowry performs the drop/shock test on all rugged tablets to reassure customers they are getting the most durable, operational technology available.

The rugged facts of Lowry rugged tablets

Though most tablets can technically operate outside the four walls of a business, it takes a Lowry rugged tablet to be truly operational in any environment.


Benefits of a Lowry rugged tablet:

  • Screens can be viewed at full capacity in the sunlight making them a complete mobile solution
  • Operate at temperatures below 0 degrees F, and above 115 degrees
  • Decrease in downtime for the mobile worker to avoid weather restrictions
  • Integrated AIDC Technology, Magstripe readers, USB, HDMI, Smartcards, as well as hot swappable batteries
  • Long battery life
  • Elimination of a second form factor
  • Automatic data entry utilizing barcode and/or RFID to implement critical data more accurately

Lowry Solutions is the one-stop resource for rugged tablet solutions that will out-perform in harsh environments and any user conditions.

Contact your Lowry Solutions sales representative to learn how rugged tablet technology can provide you with a durable, efficient solution for daily task management.