Keep your mobile assets secure with mobile device management services

At Lowry Solutions, we don’t just sell technology, we take nearly 40 years of passion for mobility and deliver enterprise mobility and mobile device management services solutions to help our client work smarter and faster.

Lowry Solutions complements its mobile consulting and implementation services with a Managed Services Center offering to ensure customers achieve their desired results more completely, conveniently and efficiently. Once the mobility project is deployed, the Lowry Managed Services Center goes to work.

Why choose Lowry as your complete managed mobile device provider?

  • Focus internal resources on the core competencies of your business
  • Improve staffing flexibility
  • Lower the total cost of your mobile deployments
  • Ensure maximum uptime of your mobile workforce and business processes
  • Make more effective business decisions through reliable data

Expert Mobile Device Management by Lowry Solutions

Our approach to mobile device management

At Lowry, we focus on simplifying mobility so you can get to the business of running your business. We follow our four-phased approach to Managed Services:

  • Plan Phase
  • Deployment Phase
  • Support Phase
  • Report (optimization) Phase

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Lowry’s MDM Solution is ideal for any business that requires a comprehensive mobile device manager and application management without the need for significant capital or technical investment. Lowry MDM offers a world-class solution for protecting company assets and mobile data.

Our approach to mobile device management:

  • Cloud based solution, hosting our Mobility Management Platform (MMP) service in a highly secure data center
  • Remote Control and Support Desk, Lowry Mobile Device Specialists are available 24/7 monitoring and assisting mobile worker remotely. As your mobile device manager, our goal is to lower our clients’ support costs and increase device availability by remotely diagnosing and troubleshooting device issues anytime, anywhere
  • Asset Management, tracking your hardware and software assets and apply policies based on your organizational structure or location
  • Remote Device Provisioning, Using group policies to automatically deploy software and data to managed devices over any network
  • Location Services / Geofencing, locating, tracking and gathering information on the movement of mobile devices wherever they may be. Establish a virtual fence to keep devices in a specific area or to trigger a warning or action if they enter or exit the fence
  • Advanced Data Security, Placing restrictions on how data is accessed on the device. Grant and block access to corporate resources. Lock down and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Multi-Platform Web Console, Streamline the management of Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Telecom Expense Management, helping our client maintain threshold and managing wireless expenses
  • AntiVirus / Malware Protection, Quarantine threats in real-time across the device file system and installed applications
  • Web Filter Policy, Advanced web-filtering technology allow us to work with our client to enforce the responsible use of mobile devices
  • Reporting, we will provide you schedule and on-demand rich reporting that allow our clients to have an insight of their assets and mobility investments


The analysis stage is used to define a preliminary design concept draft and to determine whether mobile devices identified can be monitored and supported and what systems are used to provision mobile devices. We also determine the cost impacts to the prospect of resource constraints and training, lost data, security breaches and other issues.

The design stage is used to define the final design plan for maintenance to fulfill the agreement.

On-boarding involves getting the client’s mobile devices to standard level to transition to monitoring phase: define, design, develop, test and deploy.

The final stage, support & monitor, is when we deploy maintenance and monitoring. We provide monthly reporting, including ROI analysis, and show avoided incidents, avoided security risks, averted disasters and asset tracking.

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