Custom support services keep your enterprise running smoothly

Tell us your needs and we’ll provide expert support services to keep your operations running at peak performance. The solutions we provide are customized for each client to ensure the greatest impact and most aggressive ROI — and we support these solutions with world-class, 24/7 support services.

Lowry Solutions’ complete support services include help desk support services, managed support services, on-site support services, depot services, advanced exchange, and asset disposal.

How can Lowry help?

Can the problem be fixed over the phone? Should an on-site service agent be dispatch to the location? Our objective is to identify and confirm the failure with 90% accuracy allowing us to potentially resolve your problem over the phone.

If your problem requires an on-site visit, identifying and confirming the problem prior to dispatching a service agent will substantially reduce the repair time getting your unit back on-line. With our RIGHT SYMPTOM / RIGHT PART, break/fix philosophy we are ensured an accurate symptom and you are ensured an accurate first call/visit repair.


On-target help desk support services

Lowry’s help desk offers factory-trained, multi-vendor telephone support services for all the solutions we sell. Our help desk will begin troubleshooting your problem immediately — the moment you call. Each help desk professional will confirm the symptoms, diagnose the problem, identify the failure, and determine the correct course of action.

Enterprise mobility managed support services provide real-time value

Lowry’s managed support services assume the responsibility of mobile device management so you can focus on your core business. Our managed support services provide improved visibility, intelligence, real-time monitoring, and customized management of mobile devices, printers, and network components. With these managed support services in place, you’ll know where your mobile assets are without the work and maintenance involved.


On-site support services keep operations running

Lowry provides national, on-site, single-source break/fix solutions for barcode and AIDC equipment.

Reliable on-site expert repairs

When your equipment fails, your operations come to a standstill. Lowry’s on-site service support is your best bet to stay productive with fast and reliable on-site expert repairs featuring quick response time, quality workmanship, and certified technical support. On-site service support service includes:

  • Worry-free coverage, value and cost protection
  • Ease of budgeting for maintenance
  • Fast turnaround and response times
  • Flexible plans
  • Automated dispatch systems
  • Contract management
  • Quality parts and supplies

Depot support services increase security

Selecting Lowry’s depot service level agreement for security and savings gives you the protection of a maintenance agreement and the reward of low depot repair prices.

Lowry’s depot support services are provided by certified, highly trained and experienced technicians who set the industry standard for excellence. Benefit from quick response time, fast turnaround, quality workmanship, and certified technical support.

Depot service provides:

  • Cost effective service agreements
  • Flexible and fast repairs with the Advanced Exchange option
  • Time and materials option for non-standard repairs



Advanced exchange support services for mission-critical enterprise mobility equipment

Enterprise mobility equipment is mission critical—and employees depend on the equipment to perform their jobs. Lowry’s advanced exchange service protects the enterprise mobility equipment that your company depends on to provide the productivity, accuracy, and security it was designed to deliver.

With Lowry’s advanced exchange, it only takes a call to the Lowry repair depot to initiate a fully commissioned device being sent to you overnight. Simply place the defective unit in the same shipping container and return to Lowry for repair.

Asset disposal for life-cycle management

The full and complete life-cycle management of an electronic asset can be addressed through Lowry asset disposal services. We address hidden and forgotten liability for customers by cleansing devices of data, transferring ownership and liability of devices to another entity, and ensuring responsible disposal of devices to preserve the environment.

Contact your Lowry sales rep to learn more about how our comprehensive support services can keep your enterprise mobility operating to peak performance.