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Lowry Solutions is the leader in enterprise mobility solutions. Since 1974 we have been applying industry expertise to provide the precise data collection solution to meet specific application requirements. We work to understand your business needs, match the appropriate solution, and follow the project to successful completion – all within your budget and time requirements. Look to Lowry Solutions for results-driven, cost-effective, and timely business solutions.

Asset Tracking

Lowry Asset Control System (ACS) utilizes barcode and RFID technology to allow quicker, more accurate asset tracking — all while substantially reducing labor hours. Lowry ACS features a user-friendly, configurable structure designed to fit each company’s asset tracking needs. Asset attribute information can include information specifically important to each company, location, or department.

RFID Technology Solutions

Our RFID technology solutions are proven to increase business through a variety of cost-efficient, real-time visibility products and services. RFID technology exceeds barcoding in its functionality, cost-efficiency and performance capabilities. Utilizing RFID technology provides customers real-time visibility into the entire lifecycle of assets.

Barcode Technology

Lowry Solutions offers a wide range of barcode technology products and services designed to increase your productivity. Lowry’s team of barcode experts evaluate each application, environment, and work condition to determine an ideal solution. Proven benefits of barcode technology include: operational efficiency, improved visibility of business assets, increased productivity, and better accuracy.

Mobile Solutions

Lowry offers a wide range of mobile computers capable of performing to expectations in any work environment and weather condition. Our mobile computers provide workers the convenience of on-site data retrieval—where and when they need it, so they can stay productive in their daily tasks. Lowry’s team of experts evaluate specific attributes of each application to determine the best mobile computer.

Packaging Execution System

Packaging Execution System (PES) software is the essential link between ERP and the packaging line. This fully automated supply chain visibility solution integrates and centralizes packaging line processes—from line equipment to data, to optimize product identification. PES software encompasses data collection, packaging line management, scheduling, metrics, product marketing, and track-and-trace.

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