RFID Middleware provides real-time value

RFID Middleware software is powerful software that provides valuable solutions to the challenges RFID present. RFID readers and tags are more sensitive than ever and most business systems are not designed, nor capable, of processing the data. Lowry Solutions is a systems integrator and reseller of 7iD enterprise RFID infrastructure command and control Middleware software equipped to solve any data challenge.

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Benefits of Lowry RFID Middleware Software

  • Centralized configuration, management, and deployment of all installed RFID devices
  • Advanced RFID tag filtering function allowing you to zero in on wanted or targeted tags ignoring those undesired tag reads
  • Resolves and reports RFID tags to physical locations and reports tag movements to and from locations
  • Central point of integration to business systems such as SAP or other ERP, MRP, and WMS systems
  • Installation on either Windows or Linux operating systems on standard server appliance hardware or can be deployed to a Virtual Machine running on an Enterprise Server farm


RFID Middleware software: real-time value

RFID Middleware includes an advanced RFID tag locating service which provides information on not only where a tag is but what a tag is doing—for example, entering or exiting a location or going on or coming off a truck. This feature provides real-time business value. Middleware optimizes the value RFID provides by translating these real-time events occurring in the RFID infrastructure into meaningful data for your business systems.

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Lowry Solutions RFID Middleware software is available in three editions: Enterprise, Professional and Small and Medium Business.