Packaging Execution System software will automate, integrate and centralize packaging line processes

Lowry Solutions’ Packaging Execution System (PES) is a supply chain visibility solution that automates, integrates and centralizes packaging line processes. It’s a multi-faceted software that encompasses data collection, packaging line management, scheduling and metrics with a core focus on product marking and track-and-trace. PES software is the essential link between ERP and the packaging line. It is a fully automated, single solution that controls all packaging line equipment including printers, marking equipment, scanners, cameras, and controllers. PES manages all data and provides process report optimizing product identification.


Why implement Packaging Execution System software?

Our PES software empowers companies to simplify labeling, increase visibility into operations, and improve traceability:

  • Enact faster change overs and hot swaps with minimal training
  • Mobile option eliminates expensive stainless steel wash-down enclosures
  • Eliminate manual data entry of critical lot data into multiple pack line devices during changeover
  • Push and pull data from other business systems automatically; automate scheduling
  • Streamline event logging and increase visibility on pack line events
  • Serialize track and trace module to the item, case or pallet level

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Non-proprietary: connect all packaging line devices

As a non-proprietary supply chain visibility software, Lowry PES does not limit you to one brand of equipment. PES allows you to connect, control, and monitor all packaging line devices (IO, PLCs, palletizers, printers, coders, print applicators, etc.) and eliminate rework costs due to human error.


How can Lowry’s packaging execution system improve operations?

Lowry Packaging Execution System software enables faster change overs and hot swaps with minimal training. PES also greatly reduces the need for IT and emergency maintenance calls, thereby increasing the efficiency and traceability of your pack operation.

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Track-and-trace capabilities, proactive visibility

PES is a true one-stop software solution.

  • Simplify labeling with one format for all printer brand and models
  • True end-to-end serialization
  • Increased traceability for easier regulatory compliance and higher audit scores
  • Track-and-trace capabilities
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors for more secure labels
  • Big data for real-time dashboards and proactive visibility


Implement Lowry’s Packaging Execution System, Increase Operational Visibility and Improve Tracking

Lowry Packaging Execution System has a mobile option that eliminates expensive stainless steel wash-down enclosures on the pack line and allows you to run your pack lines from a sealed, rugged portable device. The PES software provides a better way to automate packaging and labeling offering visibility into real-time production processes, automating manual execution processes, enforcing good production practices and coordinating packaging line data into easily accessible and actionable information.

  • Integrate and centrally control all on your packaging lines even from a portable device
  • Integrated label designer uses one format for all printers and print engines

View this video to learn how an international luxury chocolate manufacturer saw rework costs reduced by 90% annually per year after implementing a packaging execution system.

Lowry packaging execution system is a comprehensive software solution that automates, integrates and centralizes packaging line processes. Contact Lowry today to learn how to implement this powerful solution into your operations. 888-881-2477.