Real-time value of Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

Lowry Solutions is a leading provider of RFID technology solutions proven to increase business value through cost-efficient, real-time RFID asset tracking software, RFID tags & labels, RFID Middleware software, RFID printers, RFID readers and RFID services.

Our RFID technology goes beyond the limitations of barcoding in its functionality, cost-efficiency and overall performance providing real-time visibility into business operations.

Benefits of RFID technology

  • Cost-effective, real-time visibility of assets
  • Better utilization of assets
  • Reduced errors
  • Increased efficiencies of operations

Read our exclusive paper, Business Value of UHF RFID, to learn how Lowry RFID technology optimizes operations for greater productivity and profitability.

Lowry’s comprehensive RFID products and services benefit organizations in manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, agriculture, retail and healthcare. We serve the private sector as well as Federal, State and local government agencies.

RFID asset tracking software

This comprehensive, web-based asset tracking software is designed to automate and streamline asset management. It is uniquely designed to fit asset attribute information unique to any organization, location, or department. It provides the ability to see in real time where and how assets are being used to reduce cost and increase asset utilization.

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Lowry Solutions Asset Control System


RFID tags & labels

Lowry Solutions ensures successful RFID implementations with the right mix of media, RFID tag technology, printer/encoders, and readers to address specific user requirements, applications and environments. We have a complete portfolio of ultra-high frequency RFID tags & labels guaranteed to meet your application requirements.

Download Lowry’s RFID Tag Selection: 5 Factors to Consider to find the best RFID tag for your application.

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RFID Middleware software

Lowry’s Middleware software is a powerful, feature-rich software equipped to solve any data challenge. It includes an advanced RFID tag locating service which provides information on not only where a tag is but what a tag is doing—for example, entering or exiting a location or going on or coming off a truck. This feature provides real-time business value.

Lowry Solutions RFID Technology and Middleware


RFID Printers

We sell and support RFID printers from key partners that enable us to deliver smart label printing products that meet the performance and reliability standards necessary to support RFID tagging operations of any size and scope. Lowry RFID printer systems easily integrate into a variety of industries including industrial, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics to solve application needs.

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RFID Readers

Fixed and handheld RFID reader systems are excellent for maximizing visibility into enterprise mobility assets. At Lowry Solutions, a trained and authorized reseller of the leading manufacturers of RFID readers, we deliver RFID reader solutions that meet the performance and reliability standards necessary to realize the full benefit and value that an RFID system can provide. You can trust Lowry to match the correct RFID reader to your specific application requirements.

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Lowry Solutions Alien RFID Reader


RFID Services

RFID services are essential for successful data collections and asset management. Lowry Solutions offers a comprehensive collection of RFID services to ensure organizations have streamlined operations from site readiness and installation to custom training and project management to staging services and provisioning services.

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Contact your Lowry sales representative to discuss details of our RFID technology and how it can serve to increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your organization.