Fast, reliable wireless network products for your enterprise

Our goal is provide the best connectivity solution for your specific enterprise needs. That means having the agility and expertise to identify which wireless network products will provide the greatest reliability, security, and performance. To that end, Lowry has partnered with three of the wireless networking industry’s best companies: Zebra, Aruba, and Cisco.

Zebra understands wireless network performance better than most and with advanced labs their testing ability is second to none. They have a nice mix of controller-dependent and standalone access points for indoor and outdoor applications and their complimentary product lines such as barcode readers and RFID make them a great choice in many industries such as logistics and retail.

Aruba remains focused on the wireless network industry with innovative and highly scalable approaches to business and connectivity solutions. They are a great balance of ingenuity and ability to deliver. Their controller-based systems have great firewall and wireless network intrusion detection and prevention capabilities built in from the start without having to add or manage additional appliances. Unlocking these options is easily accomplished through licensing.

Cisco is well known throughout the networking industry as a market leader and has an extensive supplier chain. They take a very modular approach to the wireless network using a wireless network controller that manages the network without the added complexity of components you might not need.  Integration with the rest of their vast product line allows the customer to customize the depth of wireless network security.