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Zebra Technologies Partner Lowry SolutionsTracking, analyzing, mobilizing — everything depends on your wireless LAN. With Zebra wireless networking solutions, performance is optimal, security is tighter, and roll outs and troubleshooting are faster. Zebra’s family of enterprise wireless networking solutions provide the freedom and security to keep your business running at peak performance in nearly any environment.

Lowry Solutions is a leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions. For over forty years, we have evolved alongside our customers to provide the most complete technology solutions for a wide variety of application requirements in a diverse set of industries.

As a proud partner of Zebra Technologies, Lowry offers a wide range of wireless networking solutions designed to increase connectivity, visibility, and overall productivity in any work environment. Our wireless networking solutions include: Wireless Access Point, Wireless Controllers and Switches, and Wireless Security.

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Wireless Access Points

Zebra’s wireless access point technology provides enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment.

With a solution for every type of network, organizations of any size can select from Zebra’s wireless access point portfolio to leverage exceptional features such as mesh networking, versatile radio coverage, and instant deployment.

Designed to reduce the costs of deployment and maintenance, Zebra’s WLAN access points will provide you with security and performance without constant troubleshooting.

Zebra-AP 7532

Wireless Controllers and Switches

With Zebra’s family of wireless controllers and switches, you’ll enjoy unified wireless-wired network management using a range of scalable architecture.

With Zebra wireless controllers and switches you can:

  • Reduce costs and simplify IT efforts by unifying wireless and wireline network management through a single pane of glass
  • Improve business process flow with one platform for wireless voice, video, data, and multiple RF technologies.

With Zebra’s full line of wireless controllers and switches you’ll enjoy seamless roaming across deployments and resilient failover capabilities.


Wireless Security

With Zebra’s industry-leading wireless security solutions, you can defend your wireless network from attacks and rogue access points (APs). Multiple proprietary algorithms allow you to eliminate false alarms and focus on addressing real threats. Zebra’s security solutions offer built-in support for more than 200 types of attacks and a forensics capability that includes a time-rewind function to investigate attempted intrusions.

Zebra’s Wireless Security options include:

Intrusion Prevention for your Wireless Network

Zebra’s Air Defense Service Platform (ADSP) enables IT to identify network issues and fix them before they become a problem. By turning an AP into a client, a network operator at the Network Operations Center (NOC) can simulate client behavior and find potential issues — reducing network downtime and improving user productivity.

Secure Wireless LAN for Easier Guest Access

Zebra Guest Access provides end-to-end protection against eavesdropping, rogue AP broadcasts, and other typical vulnerabilities. Guest Access uses infrastructure-based authentication, which doesn’t require an in-store dedicated firewall. And your networks won’t be overloaded by guest access because the Zebra Guest Access solution is managed at the edge of your network.

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