Zebra Technologies
Desktop Barcode Printers

Zebra desktop barcode printers are the premier solution for virtually any mid-volume industry. The ZD420 Series features the top-selling desktop printer in the world, proving its durable design and outstanding print performance. The GC420 Series gives you many of the same benefits but at a lower cost, fulfilling all of your basic labeling requirements with speed and quality. Zebra’s HC100 Series is a portable, compact, and intuitive printer that prints high-quality wristbands for healthcare and event-planning identification purposes. With intuitive, durable design and reliable performance, Zebra desktop printers will keep your operations running smoothly for the ultimate in efficiency and productivity.


Zebra’s ZD410TM desktop barcode printer series is built to improve efficiency and productivity through consistent performance, fast print speeds, and intuitive design. It is the world’s top-selling desktop printer, thanks to its ability to keep business operations running smoothly and quickly.

Its reliable design and dependable performance repeatedly produce superior barcodes, text, and graphics to meet a wide variety of requirements across multiple industries. Simple to load and use, the ZD410 TM requires less downtime when it needs refilling. It prints quickly, quietly, and efficiently, increasing productivity in the workplace. Other features include:

  • Triple connectivity interface: USB, Parallel, Serial
  • Programming language: ZPL and EPL
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

The versatility and reliability of this barcode label printer make it an ideal choice for virtually every major industry, including Retail, Manufacturing, Security, Hospitality, Transportation & Logistics, and Healthcare. Zebra has also designed an exclusive healthcare model of the ZD410TM designed to endure healthcare environments and meet IEC 60601-1 standards.


Zebra’s GC420TM desktop printer is designed to be affordable while continuing to uphold the Zebra reputation for quality. Its smaller size means that you don’t have to sacrifice space in order to perform all basic barcode printing applications. Dual-wall framed construction means that this printer will not break easily, resulting in less printer downtime and more productivity.

Although compact, this barcode label printer has the necessary features for all essential labeling applications. It can be used in a variety of settings, allowing for easy transportation and use. The GC420TM uses less energy to produce barcodes, graphics, and text, even as it prints them more quietly and more quickly. Other features include:

  • Peeler and dispenser options
  • Triple connectivity: USB, Parallel, Serial
  • EPL2 and ZPL II programming languages for easy integration


The Zebra GC420TM can be used in a variety of industries, including Government, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Transportation & Logistics. Because of its compact size and quick printing, this barcode printer can be used in many different places for any basic printing need.

Zebra’s HC100TM wristband printer series is compact, easy-to-use, and can serve a range of functions in a variety of capacities. It can be easily transported to any location, and its simple design is the ideal solution for human identification in Healthcare and Hospitality capacities.

This barcode printer series is designed to print individual wristbands with ease, speed, and accuracy. It is easy to load and use, and it automatically calibrates its settings for the best print quality. Other features include:

  • Dual communications interface: USB and Serial
  • Element Energy EqualizerTM for outstanding print quality
  • Easy to clean with most hospital disinfectants


The Zebra HC100TM works well in a variety of situations and environments—especially for patient identification in the Healthcare industry, and guest identification for events in the Hospitality industry.