Zebra Technologies
Fixed-Mount Scanners

Zebra’s fixed-mount scanners provide superior quality and performance with their unmatched capture capabilities and easy integration into your existing operations. The DS457 Series is designed to keep up with the needs and requirements of virtually any industry, capturing barcodes in any condition on any surface. The MS12XX Series maintains accurate, fast performance in even the harshest working conditions, so it can stand up to industrial environments. The MS954 Series is the smallest of the fixed-mount scanners, capturing even low-quality barcodes quickly and accurately in constrained spaces. These compact, easy-to-use barcode scanners are the ideal solution for your high-volume scanning and identification requirements.


Zebra’s DS457 Series of barcode scanners is an excellent option for any industry with high-volume scanning requirements. Its space-saving design means that it can be mounted almost anywhere in order to meet your needs. With fast and accurate barcode capture capabilities, it can read barcodes on virtually any medium, even if they are damaged or low-quality.

Specific Operational Value: This fixed-mount scanner series makes the most of your space with its compact size and omnidirectional scanning capabilities. It will maintain a high-volume, accurate performance no matter where or how you mount it. Bright lights do not affect its ability to scan, nor does the quality or medium of the barcode. Because this barcode scanner series is so easy to use and integrate, it requires almost no training to operate. Other features include:

  • Scans 1D, 2D, and direct part marks
  • Has common interface as other Zebra MiniScan products
  • Choose from 4 models


The Zebra DS457 Series is an outstanding choice for the Retail, Manufacturing, Travel & Transportation, Security, and OEM industries. Easy to integrate and use, it can scan in two different modes—presentation or trigger-activation. Both are useful for a variety of identification and point-of-sale needs.


Zebra’s MS12XX Series of barcode scanners is designed to perform accurately and quickly in any environment. Compact yet durable, it is built to keep up with harsh working conditions so that industrial operations can maintain their speed and accuracy requirements.

This fixed-mount scanner series combines size, functionality, and durability to provide dependable scanning in any environment. Not even ambient lighting can affect its scanning capabilities. Simple to configure and use, it can even operate as a standalone scanner. Other features include:

  • Available in either fuzzy or wide angle for most versatility
  • Easy integration shortens development time
  • Multiple mounting options for more flexibility in workplace


The Zebra MS12XX Series is the perfect choice for industries with high-volume scanning requirements, or where many barcodes are difficult to read, either because they are damaged or poor quality. It is especially useful for OEM devices requiring data collection that is both accurate and automated.


Zebra’s MS954 Series of barcode scanners is ideally suited for 1D scanning requirements where space is seriously constrained. Both compact and durable, this fixed-mount scanner can also capture data from low-contrast and poor-quality 1D barcodes, resulting in a very high rate of accurate first-time scans.

This scanner offers a flexible set of features in its small size. Its scan angle can be configured to meet your scanning requirements, especially for OEM devices with a limited amount of space. Even if space is not an issue, it can function very well as a standalone fixed-mount scanner.


The Zebra MS954 Series is well-suited for a variety of operations, including use in kiosks, ATMs, turnstiles, and several kinds of medical instruments. Libraries and similar businesses will find it very useful for tracking documents. Its size and capabilities also mean it is an appropriate scanner in the Manufacturing & Warehousing industry, especially in assembly lines.