Zebra Technologies
General Purpose Scanners

Zebra’s general-purpose barcode scanners are a cost-effective, functional solution for a wide variety of 1D and 2D scanning applications. The DS4308 scanner is known for having the best range in its class, providing fast, accurate results. The DS4800 Series and the DS6707-DP deliver outstanding performance and easy integration, especially in Retail and Healthcare settings. And Zebra’s LI2208 and LS1203 scanners consistently deliver accurate, fast scans that speed up point-of-sale operations and gain a quick ROI. Any of Zebra’s general-purpose barcode scanners will optimize your business’s efficiency for improved productivity and performance.

DS4800 series

Zebra’s DS4800 Series of barcode scanners features a design that is both attractive and easy to use. Its sleek profile maintains your store’s brand even as it provides the same Zebra quality that you would expect from any other of their handheld barcode scanners.

This series of scanners is built to perform speedily and accurately in an environment where customers are present. Its ergonomic design is both comfortable and striking, and it even features a touch trigger rather than a traditional mechanical trigger in order to maintain that sleek look. This, combined with its superior scanning capabilities, makes it an excellent choice for a variety of scenarios. Other features include:

  • Captures any 1D and 2D barcode on any paper label or mobile screen
  • Easy to integrate into current operations system
  • Customizable appearance and scan tone to help maintain store branding

The Zebra DS4800 Series is ideally suited for Retail and Hospitality environments. It ensures quick and precise barcode capture so that your operations run smoothly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Easy to integrate and use, this attractive scanner is the perfect solution for your performance and branding needs.

DS4308 series

Zebra’s DS4308 barcode scanner combines an easy-to-use design with next-generation scanning capabilities to improve output and efficiency in a variety of industries. With a longer scanning range and a superior rate of accuracy and speed, it improves sales and productivity in your business.

This handheld barcode scanner has the best range of any scanner in its class, capturing barcodes nearer and farther thanks to its megapixel scanner. It scans 1D and 2D barcodes on any surface, using omnidirectional scanning and PRZM Intelligent Imaging to get fast, accurate results with ease. Durable construction means that this handheld scanner will continue its excellent performance even after drops and tumbles. Other features include:

  • 90+ built-in international keyboards
  • Lightweight, point-and-shoot design for easy use
  • Choose from Standard Range and High Density models


The Zebra DS4308 seamlessly speeds up and smooths operations for several types of industries, including Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, and light Manufacturing. Its accuracy and ease of use are ideal for situations involving mobile point of sale, guest check-in, postal tracking, and error-proofing and quality control.

DS6707-DP series

Zebra’s DS6707-DP is designed for high-performance scanning in a variety of uses and environments. It can capture nearly any 1D and 2D barcode, including direct part marks. With its point-and-shoot style and omnidirectional scanning capabilities, it is extremely easy to use, requiring little to no training.

Specific Operational Value: This handheld barcode scanner has the versatility and functionality to capture almost any kind of barcode. From common 1D and 2d codes to dot peen and tiny, dense codes, its high-res 1.3 megapixel image sensor allows it to scan every type of DPM. It even adjusts to the ambient lighting in order to read barcodes on any surface. Other features include:

  • Can read low-contrast barcodes
  • Compatible with all cables to stay current with hosting technology
  • Optional Intellistand to allow for hands-free scanning


The Zebra DS6707-DP is ideal for many uses, especially in the Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation industries. Because it is easy to use and extremely versatile, it can fulfill a variety of functions in almost any situation where fast and accurate scanning is necessary.

LI2208 series

Zebra’s LI2208 barcode scanner is designed to capture virtually every kind of 1D barcode, whether it’s on a traditional paper label or an electronic screen, or part of a high-density barcode for3 specialty retail or manufacturing purposes. Durable and user-friendly, the LI2208 helps optimize productivity in your workforce.

This handheld barcode scanner improves upon the LS2208—Zebra’s most popular scanner to date. It features an extended scan range and can even capture barcodes at extreme angles, which allows your workers to accomplish tasks more quickly. Designed for durability, it can withstand over 100 five-foot drops to provide continued use all day, everyday. Other features include:

  • Patented single-circuit board has less chance of breaking, leading to less downtime
  • Supports 90+ international keyboards
  • Optional stand allows for hands-free scanning


The Zebra LI2208 scanner is well-suited for a wide variety of applications, including those in the Retail, Hospitality, and even light Warehousing industries. Whether you need it for point-of-sale operations or event registrations, this cost-effective, efficient handheld barcode scanner is ideal.

LS1203 series

Zebra’s LS1203 barcode scanner provides a high-quality scan with each and every use so that your workers can focus on the task at hand instead of the equipment in their hand. Ideal for small local businesses, this affordable device features an intuitive design for minimal training and a user-friendly experience.

Since reputation is so important for small businesses, this handheld barcode scanner delivers accurate scans of 1D barcodes with every use. Its reliable performance and durable construction are ideal for everyday use. Affordable and dependable, the LS1203 provides quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership. Other features include:

  • Single board construction increases durability and decreases downtime from drop damage
  • Requires almost no installation for near-immediate use straight out of the packaging
  • Can choose between trigger scanning or automatic scanning


The Zebra LS1203 scanner is the perfect device for any small business or local retailer. Its consistent accuracy and speed result in a faster checkout, leading to higher customer satisfaction. This handheld scanner makes it easy to maintain your brand’s reputation and gain a quick ROI in the Retail industry.