Zebra Technologies
Multi-Plane Scanners

To ensure the highest levels of throughput and customer satisfaction, Zebra multi-plane scanners are the ideal solution for point-of-sale applications. The MP6000 Scanner/Scale is a high-performance scanner that will speed up sales and ensure an easy, hassle-free experience for your customers. Highly durable construction and first-time, every time precision result in a barcode scanner that will optimize the efficiency and accuracy of any retail setting.

MP6000 Scanner/Scale

Zebra’s MP6000 Scanner/Scale delivers outstanding performance to capture barcodes in virtually any condition, on almost any surface. This multi-plane scanner is perfect for point-of-sale applications to provide speed and accuracy, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

The powerful capabilities of this multi-plane scanner are designed to ensure a smooth, fast customer experience in any retail environment. Its best-in-class performance scans barcodes faster than any other laser bioptic scanner on the market. More people can get through the checkout line—resulting in more sales and higher customer satisfaction. Other features include:

  • No moving parts leads to 30% less power consumption and smaller chance of breakage
  • Best-in-class Sapphire glass almost never scratches or wears
  • Omnidirectional scanning and six-sided coverage for swipe-and-go scanning

The Zebra MP6000 is a barcode scanner that keeps stationary point-of-sale applications in the Retail industry operating at peak performance. It offers six ports so that you can add new capabilities as needed, including a scale, a side scanner, handheld scanners, and potential RFID equipment.