Zebra Technologies
Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions

Zebra vehicle mount computer solutions can be engineered with a variety of features to deliver optimal visibility to measure the performance, productivity, and efficiency of your mobile operations. Designed to withstand the daily vibrations and shocks that are a natural part of warehouse environments, these mobile computers provide essential connectivity and native input device support so that your workers can access critical data wherever they are.

Zebra vehicle mount mobile computers are rugged in design and can support nearly any application requirements in any environment — such as retail, manufacturing, airports, and transportation, providing workers leading technology and capabilities for completing more tasks with greater accuracy in less time.

Lowry Solutions is a leading provider in complete enterprise mobility solutions. Lowry’s team of experts will consult and collaborate with you to determine which Zebra vehicle mount computer solution will provide the greatest value. Lowry offers: Rugged Vehicle Mount, Full-size Vehicle Mount, and Forklift-mount mobile computers.

Rugged Vehicle Mount Computers

Zebra’s rugged vehicle mount computers are designed and built for the tough demands of industrial environments such as warehouses, ports, manufacturing plants and airports.

While compact, these powerful mobile computers provide full PC functionality with a Windows® XP or Windows® 7 operating system. And their thin design makes it simple to mount wherever space is available.

These rugged vehicle mount computers have been tested to strict standards for shock and vibration. With an IP66 rating, these computers are protected against vibration, dust, and other impacts.

Built to handle the demands of life on the vehicles in your warehouses, Zebra vehicle mount computers enable operators to access critical information in real-time to achieve a new level of accuracy and productivity.


Full-Size Vehicle Mount Computers

Zebra full-size vehicle mount computers offer breakthrough features designed to eliminate downtime and maximize capital investment for the enterprise.

Built to withstand extreme temperatures, this device supports an optional screen defroster for cold storage and freezer environments, and a brighter outdoor display for outdoor applications.

An optional screen blanking feature restricts driver access to the screen when the vehicle is in motion to comply with the highest safety standards.

The vehicle mount computer’s Smart Dock feature delivers immediate savings on support and maintenance costs while maximizing efficiency by enabling users to dynamically shift computers as vehicles fail or workload changes.



Incorporating a field-replaceable front panel allows enterprises to minimize investments in spare costs by substituting spare front panels for spare computers. It also saves valuable time and maintenance costs by leveraging in-house support staff to service the most common breaking point.

Forklift Mount Mobile Computer

Zebra’s rugged and compact vehicle mount computer is ideal for forklift operations. The forklift mount computer provides unprecedented flexibility, and with it, breakthroughs in supply chain productivity. It features three revolutionary innovations that can create immediate time savings and productivity gains.

  • A field-replaceable front panel empowers the end user to repair the most common breaking point of vehicle mount computers. It also allows you to convert a standard-temp unit to a freezer-ready unit in a matter of minutes.
  • This device’s Quick Mount Smart Dock separates the computer from the power supply, letting a user undock the unit from one forklift and redock it on a second vehicle, without missing a single transaction.
  • Finally, its ignition control feature allows the user to set power management preferences to save startup time and extend vehicle battery life.