Zebra Technologies
Vehicle Mount Computers

Zebra vehicle mount mobile computers are rugged in design and can support nearly any application requirements in any environment — such as retail, manufacturing, airports, and transportation, providing workers leading technology and capabilities for completing more tasks with greater accuracy in less time.  Lowry Solutions is a leading provider in complete enterprise mobility solutions. Lowry’s team of experts will consult and collaborate with you to determine which Zebra vehicle mount computer solution will provide the greatest value. Lowry offers the leading VH10, VC70N0 and 8595


Zebra’s VH10/VH10F Vehicle Mount Computer offers extremely rugged performance to keep your industrial business operating at peak functionality no matter the working conditions. Its construction blends outstanding durability and usability to provide real-time data for increased worker efficiency.

You can count on superior durability and powerful performance with the VH10. Its compact design and customizability allow you to mount it anywhere in your warehouse vehicle and add scanners, push-to-talk microphones, and other essential accessories in order to meet your specific needs. Additionally, the keyboard and touchscreen are field-replaceable, so your workers can make repairs themselves and lower the overall total cost of ownership. Other features include:

  • Narrowband Digital Wireless provides secure connectivity at affordable price
  • Mounting options included standard RAM mounts and 10-second quick-release mount
  • Backwards compatibility allows you to use same mounts, accessories, and apps as previous Zebra vehicle mount computer

This forklift computer is ideal for use in the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its ultra-durable construction results in superior performance in even the harshest environments, including seaports, railway yards, and cold storage applications.


Zebra’s 8585/8595 Vehicle Mount Computer delivers full PC functionality in a device built to withstand extremely harsh working conditions. With a Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system familiar to most of your workers, it delivers easy access and functionality to optimize productivity.

This forklift computer is rugged yet compact, and can be easily mounted to both non-suspension vehicles or machines with imbalances. Its slim design keeps it from obstructing your workers as they complete their tasks. And even though it is far from bulky, it is extremely durably, meeting stringent shock and vibration standards for use on warehouse vehicles. Other features include:

  • Compact, slim design to fit anywhere on warehouse vehicle
  • IP66-rated against vibrations, shocks, and dust
  • Intel Atom® Single Core processor or AMD Dual Core processor


Purpose-built for use on forklifts and other warehouse or materials handling vehicles, this device is ideal for the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, and Transportation & Logistics industries. It will quickly optimize efficiency for applications like inventory management, asset tracking, picking and putaway, and receiving to keep your business operating at peak performance


Zebra’s VC70N0 Vehicle Mount Computer is a compact, rugged, and powerful device ideal for any of your material-handling vehicles. It offers essential flexibility and easy access of critical data to keep your business operating at peak performance.

Purpose-built for industrial environments, this forklift computer delivers the speed and versatility you need to ensure smooth warehouse operations. It allows you to add on extra options or devices to optimize efficiency, like keyboards, corded or cordless barcode scanners, or voice capabilities. With a rugged aluminum construction, it meets extreme shock and vibration standards and freezer ratings for less downtime and lower total cost of ownership. Other features include:

  • Large 10.4-inch, high-resolution display that can be read in almost any lighting condition
  • IP66-rated against dust and water
  • Adjusts screen brightness and heaters according to brightness and temperature of surroundings


This durable forklift computer is ideal for use in the Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics industries. Its rugged design is built to meet a wide variety of industrial applications, including inventory management, asset tracking, and picking and putaway in order to streamline your business operations.